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  • Recommend to me a movie tracker

    I am basically looking for a movie tracker that is similar to PTP but is ratioless.
    Been away for the TI community for quite awhile so i've completely lost track of whats is out there.
    Not looking for invites atm, just recommendations for now.

    Edit: Excluding PTN, I used to have a membership there that expired due to non-use. I recall that download speeds from PTN were oft diabolically slow and torrent life-span was often short.

    Any help appreciated

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    I would suggest pixelhd. Their encodes are really good and its a ratio less tracker.


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      What quality do you usually download ?

      Ratioless for movies isn't good nor existing a lot. I'd recommend some trackers that are easy to maintain ratio on. 720p are all over the general and HD trackers. IPT, FL, TD and TL are full of them and there are also hdvnbits (quantity is high) and HD-Torrents (quantity is high) which are easy to get buffer on and have good 720p encodes. 1080p and remuxes on even more trackers like BeyondHD (ratioless), bluEvo, bit-hdtv (quantity is high),, hdvnbits, Awesome-HD (quantity is high), hd-space and HD-Torrents. TehConnection is also great and has many freeleech to keep good ratio. For SD any general tracker is good though. Chinese are here for all if you like, ChinaHDTV is easy to be in and has many files.


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        Good ratioless trackers are BeyondHD and PixelHD. BHD is new (v2) so their movie database atm but will rise again. But there are alot of ratio-based trackers that are that easy to maintain, you can call them ratiofree. For example all the chinese trackers and some others.
        Unfortunately there isn't something as big as PTP which is ratio-less (PixelHD is Gazelle-based and they have alot of movies) but to be honest, PTP is one of these site which you can easily call ratioless. Are you a member there?


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            Originally posted by Hullabaloo View Post
            Yes I am already a member of PTP, i use it to find older movies and to use the community there to broaden my viewing tastes. I've lost count of the fantastic movies that i've watched only because of PTP member recommendations.

            The reason i am here is to find a ratioless movie tracker that i can use to get Golden Popcorn standard or similar movies without destroying my PTP ratio that i've built using the bonus system. My upload speed is really poop but i can seed forever, for example II have seasons that i've been seeding for over 3 years on BTN.

            Ive got all my bases covered, BTN for TV, WhatCD for music and PTP for 75% of my movie needs. I just need a ratioless movie tracker that has Golden Popcorn standard or similar encodes.

            Hopefully there is a movie tracker out there that is ratioless and still has high retention as well as high quality encodes.

            As I said, PixelHD is ratioless, has good quality, alot of foreign movies (mainstream hollywood movies can be gotten there too) and a really nice community. But their encodes are exclusive so aren't allowed to upload them elsewhere. But they only use the mp4 container. You won't see a lot of dead torrents.

            BeyondHD has really good encodes but they are famous for their remuxes. not that much movies at the moment. There aren't that much seeder (1-3 on the most torrents) but thats enough to get a good speed. You won't see any leechers if you don't download sticky torrents. The stickied torrents do have alot of seeders and leechers. It's ratioless so you can't make something wrong.

            For the best encodes out there you have to look for Awesome-HD and HDBits but they are not ratioless, hard to get in and their releases getting uploaded on alot of trackers (PTP, IPT, TEH...).


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              Yes i've checked the reviews on PixelHD and it looks like a good place.

              From the info ive gathered, ratioless movie trackers are rare so I probably will need to compromise somewhere.

              I don't know how PixelHD mp4 encodes compare to the other types so maybe more knowledgeable people can help out.

              Also how many seeds can be found on average for say, the first 2 or 3 pages of movies if you ranked them by seeds?

              Also what are the speeds like?
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                I'd say they like yify encodes but enhanced. specially made encodes for ps3. there are two releases of almost all the movies, 720p which always less than 2 gb and 1080p which less than 4 gb. you have to download 20 gb and 5 snatches at your first month. seeders always good on new movies. I guess you aren't in quality of HD that much so pixelhd would be good for you. There are similar BRRips releases all over other general. I recommend beyondhd which is ratioless and has great internal LEGi0N that release 720p brrips.


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