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1GBPS 2TB or 300mbps unmetered?

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  • 1GBPS 2TB or 300mbps unmetered?

    Just wondering what you guys think I should do? Go with 1GBPS 2TB or 300mbps unmetered? They cost the same and im just not sure.

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    unmetered... 2tb bandwidth is easy to hit


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      Originally posted by Cappa View Post
      unmetered... 2tb bandwidth is easy to hit
      What Cappa said tbh. ^^

      Just one question though. Same HDD?
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        unmetered for sure
        2 tb can be filled in just 1 hour with 1 gbit
        also an avg blu-ray movie(17-20 gb) would take half an our to download while 1 gbit would take atound 30 secs(yes i calculated all of that)
        but still 300mbit is really fast


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          100% unmetered, I actually hit 2TB in 6 days, so it's not much really. always choose the no limit option.
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            Man, there's so many other factors in choosing the right seedbox than just bandwidth. Active torrents allowed? HDD space available? Same company or different companies? If you're comparing different companies, take a look at the data centre they're utilizing and where they're located. FTP speeds can vary greatly.

            In most cases, unmetered would be the better choice, however, there are certain instances where a 1Gbit connection that throttles would be better than an unmetered 300Mbit connection.

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