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Best torrent tracker for journals.

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  • Best torrent tracker for journals.

    Recently I had the chance to do some academic research... one of the most irritating things I encountered was the accessibility of some papers being extremely restricted. This is frustrating since somtimes there's no way to know if the paper contains what you need until you go through lengthy processes to acquire it either physically or virtually.

    Well, here I am. What is, in your opinion, the best tracker for academic journals/papers/magazines.

    Thank you for your input.

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    I doubt trackers are what you want to rely on for scholarly papers and things. I'm a member of two e-learning trackers, Thegeeks and MyA. Neither of them a range of papers sufficiently wide for you to want to rely on them for use in academic research. You might see a couple of issues of the Harvard Business Review posted. The latest issue of The Economist is usually posted on MyA. But for academic use you ideally want to have a resource that covers the field of interest.

    So I'd say join a college/university library for that kind of access. Subscriptions to journals can be extremely expensive and the only organisation out there that can give you access to the volume of journals you'd want would be a university.


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      i agree with animus, i think there are so many journals dealing with similar topics that it would be very expensive to get a subscription for them.
      A university would be the best option, i also find that google scholar sometimes has ppdf versions of some of the articles.
      Another option that has helped me from time to time is to mail the author of the papers you are interested in, usually they are very helpful and may mail you the papers.


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        Thank you for the responses.

        I guess there's no easy way around it. Indeed, I have relied on my university in the past year. I just thought there might a been maybe a niche for this stuff out there. And yes, missrao85, you're right authors have been of great help before. Especially when tracking old experimental data. The only problem is that sometimes they can be busy ppl and replies can take a long time but you can't hold that against'em.