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Best tracker for radio edits of songs?

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  • Best tracker for radio edits of songs?

    What do you think is a good tracker for radio edits (no foul language edits) of songs? Top 40 stuff for DJ's to play at parties that may have kids or uptight people. I've been finding i'm having some trouble getting the radio versions of hip-hop songs, even though I can find the original versions all day long everywhere.

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    nfg1984 have you tried looking for 'singles', 'promo only', or 'top 40', as they usually have the radio edit as part of the track list, alternately you could try mp3 conversions from YouTube 'HD'.

    Trackers such as TL, SCC, RevTT, iPT 'basically all the large general content trackers', FTN also have large Flac/MP3 upload packs.

    In regards to large volume variance in music there are no substitutes to What and Waffles.
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