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Trackers for DSD audio (SACD)

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  • Trackers for DSD audio (SACD)

    Hi there!

    I'm a long time member on but have started an interest in special music like surround mixes, 24-bit/high-resolution audio and the like. I also started re-thinking my choice of software players and stumbled upon "native DSD support" in the feature list of many applications. Now I wondered: where do I get these? Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Regards, audio

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    I just found this (DSD-Ready DACs | AudioStream), a list of hardware, software and download sites that support DSD. So it's out there, but the question remains: is there also a torrent tracker that offers DSD?

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    Hi audio,

    I know you might never see this reply, still, maybe there are people looking for an answer. I stumbled upon rutracker, which has an impressive collection of dsd, sacd and multichannel music. Just search for dsd music and you will find at least something (like 500 torrents). Of course if you know Russian or have time to google translate it, then the torrents will go significantly up to thousands.

    All the best


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      Hi guys,

      If you wonder how a dsd audio file should sound I invite you to listen to those offered for free by Oppo here. Ofc you will need to setup properly your foobar2000 for DSD file reading. You will find what to do here. It is a different sensation!