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  • Bitgamer Archive Is Up

    The admins at bitgamer have opened the bitgamer archive at Download bitGAMER archive

    The archive download below contains bitGAMER's torrents along with a mini version of BG's website allowing you to host your own bG archive.

    The archive contains the torrents, descriptions and bitbucket images used in the descriptions. The code is essentially a minimal version of the bG browse page an enables you to search torrents, view and export descriptions and to download torrents.

    All data is anonymized.

    Apache, PHP and MySQL knowledge is required to make any use of this archive.

    Download bg-torrent-archive.tar.bz2 (3,4 GiB)
    With this, it'll be possible to recover many of the more obscure files on bitgamer. Cheers.

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    Really nice , it's sad that BG closed but this archive will keep remembering us of that amazing site plus this archive is awesome for retrieving lost images from uploads i did get some images from these.


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      WOW! Great and now we can speak about BG as an ratioless tracker ))))