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  • Cable News Tracker?

    My family is looking to cut the cord with our cable company, but the one thing we will miss is the cable news shows. Are there any trackers dedicated or with a good supply of cable news shows (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc)?

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    BitMe have content about Politics and other stuffs


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      There is no dedicated news tracker but TV trackers in general have a good portion of shows specially BTN


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        Just don't expect to have every show everyday on any given tracker.

        I don't think that exists also. Don't those sites keep their news shows online?


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          Thanks for the replies, everyone.
          I'll try to get into BTN and/or BitMeTV and see what they have. I think I have a pretty good shot, since I have a great record on BitMe.
          Also, SCiZOR, most news site only post short clips, not whole shows. Hulu has some shows, but those are added...well..basically whenever they feel like it, it seems. I don't expect to get shows same day, but I'm hoping to keep thing under a week or two. ^_^
          What I need to do is get a partnership with someone who would still have a cable subscription so I could rip and post them myself. Start my own Cable News Tracker.


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            ThinkI BTN have not any political programs Just TV shows and serials


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              I think it will be very hard to find cable news shows. I did a quick look at BTN and there didn't appear to be anything like that. I think most of those seem to change with the anchor person anyway. But I did a look for the long term running shows on two cable news networks and couldn't find anything.

              But don't let that stop you on cutting the cord. We're in the process of doing the same and find that we might miss a few things but seem to get more by getting into the better TV torrent trackers.


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                BTN has a lot of good content for what you are looking for.

                I suggest you steer clean of mainstream news though, cnn, abc, msnbc etc...

                EDIT: I guess BTN does not, not in the lines of news shows etc but everyday shows on most of the channels get upped there, although not 100% which is a pity. There has been quite a few low end shows I've looked for on BTN that aired on tv which I could not find.
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