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My birthday! Also my reflection about Bit Torrent and T-I

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  • My birthday! Also my reflection about Bit Torrent and T-I

    Well, first of all just wanted to thank everyone here for making me a part of your big family. I feel warm in here and I guess I can call it my second home.

    These are words that I would never expect to come from me, as I have always sticked with Warez and despised Bit Torrent.

    I was a big uploader. A damn massive uploader. It was everything I did when I was coming from school to home. Upload new stuff and post it on forums everywhere. Just for the fun of it, just for the "thanks", just for helping someone, it was something I would dedicate hours everyday doing.

    I kind of hated Bit Torrent, I didn't see the point. It was slow most of the times and it was unsafe. Something that HTTP warez didn't have. Also, the money from file hosting sites was good in order to buy VPS's for me to use and to buy some other stuff for myself, as money was never something that I had much of.

    So it was a win-win situation. I eventually got tired of uploading (after some 6, 7 years doing it) and left. Bought some premium accounts and downloaded my tv show fix almost everyday.

    Still was on forums, still participated, but not in the same way. Until the day MegaUpload was shut down. And others followed. I felt like everything that I worked for was broken to pieces and the little joy I had died in there.

    It was time to move on to something else. Maybe, just maybe, Bit Torrent wasn't that bad after all.

    A friend of mine recommended me this forum, but upon taking some looks I thought "it's too hard to navigate and use this". So I went to one, same as T-I, same rules and everything, just easier to participate and in my mother language.

    I started getting my invites. IPT, PTN, PTP and such. Got a seedbox (took a long time before I was able to find the right one for me). The forum I was in eventually had nothing else to give me, and also kind of died there.

    So I moved on to T-I. I already had my application made and passed here, but then I left to that other forum. With nothing to lose and a fair generous GA topic I was working for some months already, I started to get the feel of this forum.

    Started to go to the IRC. Meet some new people, exchange opinions, making some friends.

    And getting some damn great invites. Also, thank you Sinius for the VIP and the good people who voted for me on that epic VIP GA topic. It really made my heart warm.

    I also started to know how things work in the BT world, the ratios, the classes and everything else. Had a great fun doing it. Really did.

    Bottom of all, I feel great in here. I really do. You people are great, and you make this place just wonderful to be in, even for a kind-of-a-newbie like me when I came in.

    It's good to help people. Feels good, it's good for the soul isn't it? Yea... I feel the same way.

    So I really just wanted to celebrate my first birthday with T-I.

    Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Happy Birthday SCiZOR hope this would me your most memorable birthday as people ll be wishing u other than your family in protugal stay blessed


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      happy birthday scizor , party til late !


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        happy birthday.....but...

        special thanks to extJSDB for the VIP. special thanks to SiniuS for the avatar.
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          Happy birthday, SCiZOR!
          T-I is indeed a wonderful place!


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            Happy birthday!!!! Now go get drunk!


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              Happy birthday scizor


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                Congratulations compatriot @SCiZOR.

                Best Regards.


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                  Wonderful speech....!! I did really enjoy each of your very well expressed words, I am glad to know that you have really learned a lot in your steps on each of these different places that you've been part of. It is very good to have member like you in our community, you make the good difference in this place that most of us love.

                  Congratulations in your first anniversary with the community dear [MENTION=160181]SCiZOR[/MENTION] ...wishing you to have more years with us.

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                    Happy birthday bro~ And welcome to the TI which is the best PT forum so far, wish you can be help and help to the others


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                      Happy Birthday... I think it was also TankGirl s birthday, so happy birthday to both
                      You watch anime? Read manga? Love Japanese stuff?
                      Join #Otakuchannel on irc and have a chat with people who share the same interests


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                        Happy Birthday!!!!

                        I am toasting you with a glass of wine, not Portuguese I am afraid but a drop of Rioja so same peninsula at least.


                        "The strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can't, and the incapacity to tell the difference."

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                          Happy Birthday!
                          Thanks extJSDB for VIP!


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                            Happy birthday scizor
                            I enjoyed reading that, glad you stuck around here


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                              Happy Birthday man! I wish I could put into words how I feel the way you do. Good stuff!