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Aussie Bittorrent Usage Is Dropping

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  • Aussie Bittorrent Usage Is Dropping

    "We’re no longer a nation of torrenting pirates, apparently — or at least the takeup of bittorrent is slowing.

    Juha Saarinen at ITNews reports on a Swinburne University Of Technology study that looked at the use of BitTorrent file sharing services has dipped to its lowest level in four years, with 77 per cent of those surveyed saying they never used file sharing services, up from 73 per cent in 2009. Music still appears to be the main object of file sharing, and you’re apparently also more likely to be male if you do engage in a bit of illicit torrenting. It’s suggested that there’s a growing understanding of the legal issues surrounding torrents, especially as they related to the iiNet trial, and that may have led to the slight dip in user numbers."


    I dont quite know what to make of this. Is it possible that bittorent is slowing in a whole country? I know plenty of people who have moved from torrenting to Usenet and warez but to me, it would seem more likely either the people surveyed are denying it due to all the controversy.
    I agree males will do most torrenting but if you're like me, I think this is due to doing most of the downloading for my girlfriend. What do you think?