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Best Unlimited Download Deal?

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  • Best Unlimited Download Deal?

    Hi, there is a special offer on site "B", unlimited downloads for one year for $75 ($65 for renewal), this is a great site & the Elite/VIP deal means you don't have to worry about ratio or pay donations for ratio if you have no seedbox/vpn, or just have to pay because the site owners nag you about server running costs, etc. However, $6.25 is still quite a bit per month. Anyone know of any better deals like this?
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    This is completely and utterly unfair!!!
    They're using user-sourced storage and bandwidth to profit from. It's more expensive than cyberlockers, yet they have relatively low server costs because they don't host or distribute data. And it's unfair for other users that cannot afford the subscription.
    I support serious tracker teams and donate to support server costs, but I call bullshit on this offer. I pass.


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      OK that may be so, perhaps you're right, I'm sure others on this forum will have their opinions even if they don't post them openly here... Let's assume it's so, I made a mistake, why not examine it, and use it as a learning tool for others? Then they won't make the same (financial) mistakes as me, and so save themselves money, time & ratio.

      I think this might also be interesting to people contemplating whether or not to spend $15-20/M on a seedbox:
      o When I started with torrents around 5-1/2Y ago on site "A" I paid donations for ratio, as I had no clue what I was doing, had nothing to upload, & didn't have the advice you get here. Over the years I took what I wanted, saw my ratio shrink below 1 & continued paying to bring it back up. There was no freelech, bonus points of other schemes to help you. I guess I paid $50 every 3M and only d/loaded around 50GB/M - not a good deal now I'll agree.

      o Fast forward 2-3Y and I joined another site we'll call it "B" where I was now more experienced, and didn't need to pay for ratio, although as there were no seedboxes then I didn't get a ratio much over 1.5, but it was enough (I even uploaded a few small things). Now files were getting bigger, so I d/loaded more - probably 4-5GB/day. About 1-1/2Y ago I started collecting HD movies, then 3D; now files sizes really shot up & I was d/loading maybe 20GB/d, so I donated for elite/vip status knowing I wouldn't have to worry about ratio, but again it cost me money...

      o Then in the last few months I (re)discovered TI, learned about seedboxes, tried 1-2 out, found they are good, signed up for 6M, joined new sites. Now I have no trouble with ratio, have no need to pay for ratio (I can donate small amounts just to help keep sites going). The s/box gives me some anonymity and saves wear & tear on my PC. Compared to either of the examples above it s cheap at less than $15/M. So now I am experienced, I know what to do, and can advise others in these forums.

      I hope I helped someone out there?


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        I've said it before and I'll say it again; pay-to-leech and pay-to-join trackers are never good.

        Since you are interested though, there are other trackers which offer such "services" like HDT and SCC.

        Hope it helps