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  • What is your most wanted tracker

    What is your most wanted tracker ?

    ill start mine is AOM & PTP

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    All that we see or seem, Is but a dream within a dream

    Unlimited (MYA) 5x (3DT) 9x(FF) 1x(TD) 1x(ST) 10xPTF)

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    E**** but is a imposible dream, so Pedro's is my real most wanted tracker.


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      HDBits, hope one day i will be a memeber


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        HDBits, doubt its ever going to happen.


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          None. I am happy with my trackers even if i am not a member of this extremely rare and useless trackers in my opinion. I heard great things about but there is so much alternatives that are easier to seed and to get in. Same goes for E**** and Pedro (you can get all the perfect flacs you want at RuTracker,Waffles and What.CD). About AOM if you are not a real magician it's useless tracker and about the famous FSC community tracker i can get all the community i want here about the most wanted FTN i will just say it's not worth to look for an invite just get GFT or SCC instead :P

          I think i have cover all l33t trackers that people so much dream of rofl... open your eyes people and get into trackers that have real content and they are accessible to majority of users...

          We have some threads like this before and they have been all closed as people have use the thread to post "requests" that should be posted in our request sub-forum...


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            ranked topsites and HQs for me not trackers because you don't need skills to get there
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              HDBits and BTM


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                Used to be BCG, my reason joined and looking for invite forum. But something happen, so i guess i dont have any atm.
                I got everything i need, but sometimes i look for other, mainly because having extra site for uploading sources is good.


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                  None :) I'm more than happy with what i have ( although i wish my application for SciHD to be accepted ) :D


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                    I am really content of what I have now. Maybe hdchina or ttg or gft. But I can live without them :)


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                      None, but if i get a chance to get into HDBits, I will take it:)
                      Looking For : HDBits


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                        I am pretty happy with my selection of trackers at the moment.

                        From time to time I'll pick up one up I havent tried from the Area 51 section, mainly to get invites and bonuses to give out here.

                        As far as content for myself, I dont find myself using many and tend to only use my favorites like Whatcd, PTP, FTN, GFT and the occasional SCC pack.

                        BG and BCG fills most my gaming needs while UG fills my retro gaming needs.

                        However having a good selection of trackers comes in handy alot when I am looking to be picky about the quality preference for particular HD content or an otherwise rare file, and of coarse having a wide variety of packs to choose from never hurts.

                        However... If I could get my hands on an HDbits Invite, I'm not crazy... lol. I would jump on it with extreme enthusiasm and gratitude. But I'm not about to go requesting it just yet or anything.

                        I am more than happy with what TI and its wonderful members have provided for me at the moment, and enjoy most my time spent here giving back.



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                            Originally posted by specialized View Post
                            You can get all the perfect flacs you want at RuTracker,Waffles and What.CD.
                            Yeah, you are right. I only want these because i have curiosity and i want to share my cd's.


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                              Originally posted by Mojito View Post
                              ranked topsites and HQs for me not trackers because you don't need skills to get there
                              I'm curious why would you ever want to be on a ranked site? scene sites in general are overated at this point that includes ranked sites. FTP sites use to be great back in the day when things were harder to find but not anymore. Get a invite to SCC and poof you are on a torrent site better than 95% of scene sites. The only thing scene sites offer now is points in the e-peen department.
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