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How torrenting friendly is your ISP?

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  • How torrenting friendly is your ISP?

    As subject line really. Please tell us what country and ISP(s) you're referring to and if applicable what package/download speed you have and any negative experiences (throttling, letters sent etc.) you've had regarding your torrenting activity. Go!


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    <-- in texas

    Use to have Comcast residential but they started throttling the hell out of me... would get max upload of around 100 kb/s

    Switch to Comcast business class and was uploading at 190 to 200 kb/s... Didn't know they were throttling until i started using VPN a couple of weeks ago and get 250 to 300 kb/s up now


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      New york
      time warner - 20/5 or 15/5 or 15/3 or somethin

      I've never had any problems, except shotty set up service, but if i had to give my official statement on them I'd say theyre about as good as a hairy goldfish.
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        I have been torrenting for years and nothing from my ISP. (Century-link)

        I don't get throttled either.
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          My experience..

          I'm with Virgin Media in the UK on their XXL service - previously 50/5Mbps but as of 2012 100/10Mbps.

          I received two cease and desist notices from them in the space of a few weeks - apparently downloading 400Gb a month is excessive?! They asked me to schedule my downloads to outside of their (excessively long imho) 9am - 9pm "peak" period. So now I download 80Gb a night after 9pm. They've said nothing about it since. Torrent and FTP traffic is not throttled but apparently they do shape traffic if there is heavy downloading during their "peak" hours. However seen as a third letter was apparently the last one before disconnection I haven't sampled the delights of that myself.

          So conclusion is: after 9pm and before 9am download as much as you can. After 9am and before 9pm throttle your seeding/invest in a seedbox because apparently there is a threshold of daytime traffic that triggers a letter being sent. 5Gb, 15Gb - who knows?!
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            Verizon has never given any trouble, even when piratebay or demonoid was used. They're really cool about things. I don't think throttling ever occurs.


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              Telmex is blocking Demonoid, only this. never had a problem :)


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                Verizon Fios here

                I couldn't be happier with Verizon, I usually try to cap myself at 1TB a month bandwidth up+down but the past few months i been doing 1.2-1.5 TB and i have never had a letter, complaint , or been throttled. I would definitely recommend Fios if it is available in your area.


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                  Telefonica Spain 50/5Mbps, never had any problems with them concerning torrent activity.


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                    Canada here, with Telus. 15/1, but have never had an email, no signs of throttling, and they don't really seem to enforce their bandwidth limits.


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                      Canada here

                      Using rogers unlimited through a reseller :)

                      20/0.5. No throttling of downloads, shitty upload speeds so dkm

                      No bandwidth limits :) used 1.4 TB last month :o


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                        I have Verizon FIOS, and have had no problems at all. They don't seem to worry too much about it unless they receive a letter of complaint from a company about the material. The speeds are great!


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                          Bt infinity here. I get 35 down and 5-7 up depending on times of day. I don't see any throttling or traffic shaping but i do know it happens. I don't use my connection for downloading from trackers except for the odd time, that's what seedboxes are for. I would use a lot of bandwidth from my ftp.


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                            Verizon FIOS. Speed is great, I can get 2mb down and about 6-800k up (I think I have 25/5). Received 2 letters in 8 months, but that was for torrents I should have known better than to get. No other torrent related problems and it seems they give you a few more strikes.