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RE: How to build a good ratio and speed test?

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  • RE: How to build a good ratio and speed test?

    Hi , i am really interested in getting into some private trackers and i am a noob a tthis, i have just started uploading !! what can i do to get a higher chance in convincing other people that i am good uploader?

    Hi, i have seen a lot people posting their speed test and ratio ! currently i am a member of elektronik and demonoid , so normally what kind of ratio and total uploaded byte is enough to convince people?

    i have a download limit here so i can't download unneeded files and seed them. thanks in advance and really look forwards for the pros' help! hehe
    HAve a nice day

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    The best way to keep a good ratio is not to download everything you see. You can download on more than one site. You can use a private tracker that gives bonuses like FF for idling in IRC and use the credits to buy upload stats. You can use public trackers for some stuff. As for what constitutes a good enough ratio to impress people I don't know.