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  • [33%] BeyondHD Recruitment

    Hey everybody at the moment I'm in a different country soon as I'm back will give you the full info and screens.

    Big thanks goes out to TI Staff and Members for giving us the opportunity to start a recruit topic here on this awesome invite forum.

    Some info:

    Well what's changed, we're running our puppy on a heavy modified xbtitFM we become a ratioless HD Tracker.
    Instead of a ratio system our coder implemented a Download Credit (DC) system.
    New members get a 50000 DC bonus to start Users can donate and get VIP time ( FL ) or can buy DC points.
    For example when you download a torrent, you will first see the download check system come up with stats similar to below:

    • Your torrent file is ready for download
    • Your Download Credits: 128,025
    • Download Credits after download: 117,025

    HD VIPS will NOT be charged , this is already calculated in de numbers you see. If the file is 100% / 75% or 50% free leech , it will cost you 100% / 75% or 50% less Download Credits
    Just as before we still don't allow scene x264 HD releases (sorry you guys)
    Don't get me wrong we got nothing against the scene we love those guys let's say we got
    different opinions when it comes to encoding.

    Welcome message from the owner SirTranceALoT :

    Hello there HD Fanatics.

    First of all I would like to start with expressing my warm gratitude towards our members and our staff (no particular order). It is thanks to you that our humble community is able to function for about a year. No, we are not the monster site like there are many others but we do deliver what we know best. Great quality releases and above all a very open minded spirit. That being said, I am very glad to announce that despite the huge rub-in with some of our ex-encoders we are proud that we have had a great year without any major hick-ups and thanks to our loyal users, we managed to keep our tracker clean. A very huge effort on everyone's behalf.

    Now what this public message is about. Yes, we have been around for a year and it is only recently we started finding our ways and layed the the pavement for the future road we like to follow. Our idea is to bring you a huge number of quality content, not only by us, but also by other quality groups or sole encoders who share our vision. That's why we are going to change our site name from to We believe that this will open up the gates to welcome more new encoding talent and we could have a lot more available content. We already have some top quality encoders and remuxes aboard and they have become very good friends if I might say so myself. We share a very open minded and open hearted mentality amungst eachother. There's no competition, only collaboration and that is what is making our site so strong. We believe that more encoders share this vision so trough the namechange we'd hope to expend this method of reasoning. Apart from the namechange, nothing else changes. We still are the same site, the same people and we uphold the same ways. But wait....... there is one little detail I forgot. We have become ratioless and implemented a download credits system. Yes, that's right. We feel everyone should be able to contribute to the site in whatever way possible. What it comes down to is that there's virtually nothing on the site that you won't be credited for. We are running this system for some weeks now and after the first few days, we already saw an increase in available content (torrents are staying alive longer) and it even braught back some of the community life wich bittorrent stands for from the very first beginning but got lost for the huger part the past few years.

    That being said, when will this namechange be effective? Well you can already access the site trough both the and domain names. For now you can chose between both. It is our means to let the domain expire so the big changes will occure then. You will therefore not be influenced or experience any technical difficulties during the process. With the namechange, our theme also changes so look out for that. We have a very good coder who has been a member of the xbtitFM development team amungst our mids who has implemented tons of nice features already and believe me, more are still to come wink.gif Amungst torrents, we're gradually implementing other download methods like usenet and direct downloadable files. Expect that within a couple of weeks. As you can see, there's going to be lots for everyone's likings. With these changes we hope to expand the activities and meaning of our tracker for what it already stands. Together with our members, we strive to create the most versatile qualty downloading community on the net with our open minded spirit leading us trough the process. For any future changes, keep an eye on this spot and place.

    Kind regards,
    STAL and BeyondHD Staff

    A last moment modification (for our fans/members) :

    A small little change that will rock your world.

    We have scraped the automatic 0.5 DC per MB upload and we have replaced it with a system where you can chose your own upload ammount to convert and exchange it for download credits. So it's time to cash in your TBs of upload and start crackin' On a little side note, there's a maximum ammount of points wich you can buy with your upload so it gets spread more evenly. To find the system, click on your upload ammount or the UL to DC button in the main toolbar.

    Screen example:

    As most of you also noticed our amazing internal crews have their own category-icon which easily can be find by you
    if you have that particular favorite Encode/Remux,etc... you prefer

    Also if you're interested and or have the time to be part of an Encode / Remux crew or start your own crew or by yourself this is your chance.
    Just send me a pm or leave a comment here so I can contact you.

    At the moment to celebrate our new domain url we have open sign-ups like mentioned by slobo982 in this topic thanks m8 appreciate it.

    After that probably never will have open registrations again, but we are willing to give you some invites so you can share
    with your friends, family and or colleagues from work.

    Almost forgot you can find the following internal crews on our HD Tracker :

    • FraMeSToR - 1080p encodes, REMUX and BD25
    • ALeSiO – REMUX
    • FASM - 720p / 1080p MP4 h264 and 1080p PS3 encodes
    • NiBuRu - 1080p encodes
    • LoNeWolf - 1080p encodes

    Hope to see you on BeyondHD : For Members By Members .::. Index

    Kind regards,
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    Hi everyone.

    Well we're august so that means second month of summer. We have also seen that our experiment of 24 first hours of freeleech was quite popular. So as the second part of summer madness we decided to turn off the download check for the whole month. That's right. All torrents will not cost any download credits as of today

    What do we expect in return? Well just respect the rules because the 72 hour seedtime still counts and you can still get hit 'n runs. There's also the coverage of our monthly costs. Last month we didn't reach 50% of our goal so let's try and do an extra effort this month.

    Now, if our experiment goes well, we're planning on leaving it like this for always but we'll have to see how it goes. BeyondHD will then be the first ratioless and free HD torrent tracker out there.

    So tell all your friends the good news. Let's get this place rocking once again!

    Kind regards


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      hi i was wondering if i'd be able to get an invite to your tracker?


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        :D, I am wondering the same thing. Is this still available, as I don't see anyone applying :(


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          This is such an old thread, even the domain has been changed since then. Its now


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            The OP confirmed that this recruitment thread is still alive.

            I would like to apply for an invite

   by Ookla - My Results



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              I would like to apply for an invite.



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                BeyondHD is now open for registration.

                BeyondHD is a high quality HD site offering high quality HD internal encodes as well as many other high quality HD encodes from well known release groups.

                It's a ratioless tracker ("There is no minimum ratio required here, our site is ratioless"), but hit & runs are strictly not allowed ("You are required to seed ALL your torrents for at least 72 hours (3 days). You have 10 days to do this").

                I would highly suggest signing up immediately -->



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                  BeyondHD is a good tracker, especially after they have made some changes to the whole website. The torrents which have more than 10 seeders in average are really speedy leechs and totally love this BHD. :)


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                    Ratio Proofs Clarification and Invite Giveaway Guide.



                    SPEED TEST
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                      is it possible to get a invite :)


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                        Are there invites available for this site?


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                          I would love an invite please im looking for a good HD Tracker thank you.




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                            thamks for it rly helpful


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                              BeyondHD have problems with the ratio counter script .
                              The download and the upload is reversed without explanation.
                              Torrents which you keep them to seed, it will appear to 'hit and run'
                              Many bugs on this torrent tracker...
                              Free 4 All & All 4 Free