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  • [10%] Snapzu Invites

    What is Snapzu?

    Snapzu is a community of web communities. With thousands of user-run “tribes” across a plethora of topics and ideas, you will always find someone or something interesting to discover.

    • How does it work?

      Snapzu members can submit all sorts of web content such as links, articles, pics, and videos to a variety of unique user-managed communities for other like-minded people to discover. All members can up (or down) vote each and every post to determine its rank in each of the tribes it was submitted to, and possibly the Front Page.
      As with most web communities, discussion is highly encouraged and allows members to connect and interact. Snapzu members can join tribes and/or follow other members, customizing their news feed (and front page) streams to their exact liking. Everyone's feed is very different and is the result of who they follow and where their interests lie.

    • What's our mission?

      Snapzu as a community platform is all about responsible anonymity. It is a place where people can share and discuss their interests free of judgment, and instead are welcomed with open arms by legions of other members that share similar views. With our "gamified" (for lack of a better word) approach, we give all new members the ability to establish an identity based on their online actions, shares and creative works, instead of who they are away from keyboard. Imagine a vegan trying to discuss their vegan diet with a bunch of savage meat eaters within their circle of friends... awkwwward!

    • Privacy first: At a time when social networks are systematically dismantling personal privacy, it is Snapzu that embraces the concept of responsible anonymity. We will never ask for your real name, nor will we ever track, store, or sell any information about you.
      No censorship: We strongly believe that transparency and freedom of speech is vital to any community, especially online. For this reason, submitted content belongs to users and thus can never be removed. As the community grows and expands, we will continue keeping our censorship-free ideology as a top priority to uphold.

    For more go to Prologue!

    The 10 most awesome features on Snapzu

    - I love it! I visit it daily, find really interesting stuff, articles, images and sites! I discovered really great sites with news, articles, videos that I didn't know before. Is nice, cause you choose what categories you want to subscribe and see the news etc. Also, sharing is too easy.
    - Is not like facebook or Insta, no selfies. Guys don't be active there to be "someone".
    - Also, is invites only. That is good, and bad. Get it only guys who really want to find something different from facebook, twitter etc. If someone search, is easy to find invites. Like ask them, from their twitter account.

    If you are interested, post here and I will sent you a pm with the invite code.

    Invites left: 0 check back soon!
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    sasuk32 what your opinion about Snapzu?


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      I want in!! Thanks a lot for sharing :)


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        If you have a spare invite, i´m interested in joining !
        It seems to be very interesting!
        Thank you for sharing!


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          Bump...and Special one, sasuk32 it would nice to say your opinion here before turn page :)


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                looks fresh and cool,
                im interested.
                thanks in advance
                Eat, Sleep, Seed, Repeat.


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                  I want in! Thanks for sharing, it seems like a great community:)


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                    I would love an invite if you have one available


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                      Originally posted by stabila View Post
                      I would love an invite if you have one available
                      Sorry, I haven't now. But when I'll get I will sent a pm.


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                        yeah man appreciate that, Thaks.