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  • [Request] Avatar & Sig

    Ok peeps you all know the score by now

    • No anime or cartoons
    • Seriously, NO F'kin' ANIMÉ OR CARTOONS!!!! <----- You get the idea?
    • Subject ~ Death/Grim Reaper/Gothic/Dark/Scarey/Creepy Insane Asylum that kinda stuff (Absolutely NO vampires or anime/cartoons)
    • Font ~ Something as equally scarey/hellish
    • Colours ~ Well dark ones obviously but I am a bit partial to orange and red
    • Style/Design ~ I prefer things to be uncluttered and minimalistic (bit like my current sig)
    • Size ~ Is of no consequence, being staff has its privs but if it's too big I'll tell you
    • Avatar does not need to be the same as the Sig

    That is entirely up to you, if you want an invite then you can have an invite, if you want bonus points then you can have bonus points. If you just wish to bask in the glory of seeing me wear your creation around the forum then that works too but please, do not ask for a "Get out of a ban or infraction" card ~ They are rarer than rocking horse poop!!!

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      Heeei there, TankGirl! I've made just an avatar for now, but if you like it I'll make a signature to go with it, too. I can't really work on the sig now, but I will later

      If you think of anything that might make it cooler, with all certainty, tell me :D
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      If you want to know how I make my GFX materials :
      Click Here!
      If you want an avatar/signature/userbar made by me:


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        (check it on imgur, here runs slow.)

        It comes in jpg too
        with red or not.

        EDIT: 1/3 size, look quite the same. LINK
        Comments like "too much steroids" are welcome, colors can easily changed. I won't start a Sign if you don't like avatar.
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          Damn peeps they are some mighty fine avatars, as always I am totally in awe of your mad skillz....

          @pb_teo ~ Font could do with being a little clearer, maybe a splash of lightening? Other that, I am suitably impressed.

          @Rarks ~ That is one creeped out avatar, I like, I like a lot.

          I am waiting in anticipation at what the sigs are gonna look like because if the avatars are anything to go by then hells bells they are gonna be fooking awesome :)


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            different font

            TankGirl Here is an example. If there is something to change, just tell. Like the speed and the way gif runs. Btw,Some light added to your nickname on avatar.
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              Absolutely awesome @pb_teo, just awesome :)


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                First off,I am not any graphics designer,I just came across some raw pictures that go by the description.Maybe someone can Photoshop them.