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  • Your Avatar From Sagittarius!


    I am starting this thread as a means of helping all get the avatar they like. So, here are what must be done for the creation of your avatar:

    How To Request:

    1. Please post here what kind of an avatar you would like (make sure you mention my username so that I know you have posted here immediately). Please be as specific as you can, for a designer needs the best information he/she can get.
    2. Wait for my response!

    Improtant Notes:

    Please note that this service is completely free of charge or anything else (iGivers, likes, reputation comments)!
    Please note that I won't be able to create signatures also as a result of time restrictions at my end!
    Please note that though I am not guaranteeing fast designs, I can assure you that I will try my best to deliver it to you as fast as possible!
    Please note that I will offer two additional mock-ups to the first avatar!
    Please note that this, I believe, is something I am doing to say thanks to the whole community, staff who care and Dave!
    Please refrain from using the thread to ask questions, etc. (PM me instead) This is to keep the thread clean!

    Post-Design Instructions (A.K.A: How do I apply the avatar?):

    Here is how you apply the picture I give you as your avatar on the website:

    1. Click "Settings" on the top bar of the website,
    2. Scroll a little down looking for "My Settings" menu.
    3. Under "My Settings", you will find "Edit Avatar". Click it.
    4. On the target page, find "Custom Avatar".
    5. You have 2 ways to go:
    A. Option 1 - Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website: You can copy and paste the link to this option. You can find the link by right-clicking on the avatar you liked earlier on my post.
    B. Option 2 - Upload Image From Your Computer: You can also save the desired avatar from the post I gave you to your computer and on the "Custom Avatar" menu, click "Choose File" and browse to it.
    6. Click "Save Changes" and voila your avatar should be in place now.

    If you have any further questions, please PM me. (don't reply in the thread for questions and problems as stated above)

    Let's go, guys and girls ;)
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    Make me something cool (any image)


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      Hello [MENTION=245667]Sagittarius[/MENTION],

      I would love an avatar:

      ~ abstact - textures
      ~ space, galaxies
      ~ gold swirls / dust
      ~ liquid (glazy)
      ~ shiny

      For example, a galaxy, covered with a gooey, gold glaze. :)

      If this is not specific enough, let me know, I will try to come up with a better idea/description.
      But, I'd be more than happy with anything you have in mind. :)

      Thank you!


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        Avatar request

        Hello @Sagittarius would love to get a new avatar. Would like this picture:

        With this text into the picture : 'Give us seeds so that we may live and not die' (Gen 47:19). Creators creativity is appriciated with tought on color scheme, filter, any effect etc.



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          Dear [MENTION=323805]goldglaze[/MENTION] and [MENTION=253184]HDadd7ict[/MENTION]

          I will start doing them as soon as I can. :) Please stay tuned till I message you!
          Thanks for applying :)


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            @goldglaze and @HDadd7ict [MENTION=24069]Oda[/MENTION]

            I am sorry for the awfully long wait time. If you are still up for your requests, please mention my name here!

            Thanks and apologies for the long wait again.

            Also, bumping up the thread for all others too.


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              [MENTION=245667]Sagittarius[/MENTION], no worries, but I am still interested. Doesnt have to be anything special, a nice cosmic inspired splash will do :)


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                Here is a sample. Please give me some feedback so that I can make changes. You have two mock-ups remaining!


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                  @Sagittarius they're great! Nice work. Im gonna use the last one for now, and will switch between them. Thanks a lot!

                  Edit: actually i like the middle one best! But like them all, thanks!


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                      Hello @Sagittarius ,

                      I would love 2 avatars:

                      1 Anything to reflect the word TheNextWeb

                      2 One to fit with my username here just to fit with my custom profile page and to be in the same spirit like my actual avatar (not the same) but as a start point for your ideas :)
                      Thanks a million


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                        Dear [MENTION=153219]NightFlyer[/MENTION] - Would you please give me a few days to settle in my new place and then do it for you? Thanks for your interest


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                          When you get a chance, would love an avatar from you! I am in no way artistic (and usually any ideas I have are pretty bad when it comes to art) so I will leave it pretty much in your hands regarding the artistic license .

                          Some general ideas
                          ~Classic Cars

                          If you need more direction, let me know, and I will try to help narrow it down.



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                            Hi can u make me a new avatar? The subject is V x Vendetta, for all you have plain text! :D THank man


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                              Hello if you have free time i love to make for me one avatar,regards.