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anyone own a OVH 1gbps want to share?

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  • anyone own a OVH 1gbps want to share?

    Looking to share or obtain a slice on someone's OVH 1gbps dedi (FR DC)

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    When you say share, do you also look for SSH access?


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      i don't need root but some ssh access would be nice


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        I for one am looking for someone to share. My reason for sharing is that I prefer overall control of the server. I currently have a KS 16G from a 2011/2012 series (can't remember).

        Hmm.. you need to be more specific... things like,

        1. How much disk space are you looking at?
        2. How much are you willing to fork out for a share? The current 1Gbps dedicated server series from OVH does not exists. The EG 64G would cost at least 100, and you will need to pay at least 50. Even so, it's not 1Gbps both ways; OVH to Internet is 500Gbps. I'm not sure if it allows burstable upload.