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100 Mbit Semidedicated - 1 Month (225 GB)

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  • 100 Mbit Semidedicated - 1 Month (225 GB)

    Hey guys, I've subscribed to a Xirvik German power semidedi just to tinkle around with, but I won't be needing it as I have my own dedicated server, so I'll be doing another seedbox give-away. It's not as great as my last box GA, but this should be decent enough. Hopefully this will help some of our devoted T-I members and; thus, bring in some more invitations to the board. Give and take at its finest.

    I just received the server yesterday and will be messing around with it for a little bit. I plan to pass it along within 7 days. Anyways, down to business, I'll be offering the following:

    German power semidedis: All about speed and power

    Active torrents . . . . . . . . . Unlimited
    Disk space (per user) . . . . 225 GB
    CPU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Intel Q9550 Quad Core 2.83 GHz
    RAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Gb
    Link speed . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Mbit/s
    Web interface . . . . . . . . . . rtorrent (with 3 frontends) - rutorrent, wtorrent, and rtgui
    FTP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yes

    You will receive the server for one (1) month. Depending how this turns out, I'll continue to offer the box in consecutive months.

    Things to consider:

    Yes, this is a semidedicated server so there are three (3) other users on this with you. You will all have unique IPs, but you will be sharing RAM and processing power.

    You don't have root access. You cannot extract files.

    I've tested it out for a few hours now and have seen download speeds of 9 MB/s and upload speeds of 5 MB/s. Only tested it on IPT (downloading some porn there, haha).

    Anyways, I'll leave it upto you to decide what to post so impress me.

    Good luck! :001_smile:

    Congratulations Eschaton! I'll be sending you the information in a little bit.

    Your seedbox duration starts 11/02/2010 and will end 11/03/2010.
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    I like to apply for this great giveaway I'm having very low home connection from which I cant make good ratios on private trackers which are hard to seed on. I order to maintain good ratios there and to download some old stuff I need box which will have always connected. I'm also providing my home connection speedtest.

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      I would like to apply to this AMAZING giveaway(Unlimited torrents AND for an entire month? This giveaway is godly.). I really need a seedbox so that I can get some upload credit on and other hard-to-seed private trackers. I can provide profile links if required, or any proofs you wish to see.


      Edit: just to kinda stand out, thought id mention that i herd u leik mudkipz.
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        My computer told me that it would do just about anything to take a seeding vacation.
        As it is now, I seed everything 24/7 and this is enough to about break even on my ratios. And while I am saving on heating costs (because my comp generates enough heat to melt plastic), me and my computer need a seeding vacation.
        I maintain good ratios, I am dedicated. I need a fucking break haha.

        I will use this to its fullest potential.

        Here's what I have as far as numbers go:


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          hey dude,
          can i have this seedbox ??
          i really wanna use it...
          i'll be very very thankful to u... :)


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            i would like to apply bro
            this is my speedtest
            as you can see it is shit and the and i like to buffer some of my accounts and this seedbox will really help me and the best thing is for a month this is life saver for me.
            the accounts that need saving are Waffles,Iplay,BitmeTV .As you know this are the toughest site to seed on if you have speed like mine :)
            i won't post here screenshots but i will give you my profile links if asked.
            Thanks again bro for this great giveaway.


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              I'd love to be able to use this box, it's been a while since I've last used a seedbox and my ratios are starting to show it. I usually buy a new one as soon as mine expires but I've been low on the cash the past few months :p
              I assure you, I will make the best of it, there won't be a second torrents won't be running on it.
              A couple of my accounts already need saving (What, TranceRoute) but most need buffering as they are close to the lower 1. ratio.
              As you can see my speedtest sucks, it's still almost impossible to buffer my accounts even though I seed 24/7

              Thanks and awesome giveaway :p
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                Hi there! I'd like to apply for this, because lately my upload speed has been terrible (link to speedtest: ), and I've just reached the point, that I don't even dare downloading anything but freeleach torrents, to keep my ratio. I probably won't be the best applier, because I'm pretty new to seedboxes, but for the reasons stated above, I'd be happy if I'd get it.
                Thanks for considering. :)


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                  Hi el2em,

                  I would like to apply to this giveway. My reason is that I have a low upload speed at home (and it's the maximum offered in the area), and being it the only connection I have it's particularly hard to maintain a good ratio. In fact, I have always tried NOT to download anything from private trackers but things that were freeleech or seed files that had been gotten from somewhere else, so that if I need something from the Private Tracker my ratio would take at least a couple of hours before getting destroyed, LOL. Further, recently, I have been invited to some trackers I had been waiting for a long time. I'd like to build up my ratio there as well, a little bit. If you decide to give me this great opportunity to do it, I'd be very grateful.
                  Here's my "crappy-speedtest" from the closest server in my Country: Speed Test

                  Further, the more I upload, the more chances there are that I can get invites and give the community my contribution.

                  Whichever your choice is, thank you for making this great offers for nothing in turn.
                  Have a good day!
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                    Internet is Australia sucks bad so it's very hard to keep a good ratio. This is why I would like to apply. 1 month will help greatly. This is my speedtest.

                    The only way I have managed to keep up is downloading freeleech torrents which is very limited. I constantly try to upload as much as I can but I can't get far. I would be very grately if I could get this.
                    This is an example at IPT of how much I seed(this took me many months of 24/7 on my crappy connection to get to there. Other trackers are in desparate need of upload such as RevTT which is hard to keep up with at such a slow speed.

                    If you need any tracker proofs, I can provide them.
                    (P.S I like Bleach)
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                      Hi l2em

                      well i dont have much to impress you alot but my Speed in EGypt Sux and i hope i can help ppl in trackers by reseed dead torrents that ppl was seeking for a content for about week or 2 weeks as i was having this problem on some old torrents but my speed cant help them as it is so slow and makes of the UL = 25kb/s so it wont help anyone except Apps / E-books Dl'rs and i seed Movies*High Quality* and Music *DiscroGraphy* alot so now i dl thing and seed about a week or 2 to dl another things cuz i cant dl things alot else i will find my acc deleted :S

                      hope i can get the Seedbox cuz i need it alot :) in reseeding Things to ppl and help them out and also wish u best of luck in ur real life :)




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                        Hello el2em I would like apply also for this seedbox because i have on my prefered tracker negative ratio and i really want to be positive that ratio because i use the tracker very much and will be very cool if i will have good ratio there. If you want to see my bad ratio just ask me. My download is good about 800 kb/s but upload is no more that 50 kb/s... :(
                        Here is a speedtest from my internet connection:

                        thank you.


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                          Hi el2em!

                          Once again, thanks for another generous seedbox giveaway!

                          I'd like to apply for quite a few reasons -

                          1.) There are a couple of trackers I would like to improve my ratio on, and a few I would like to buffer and future proof.

                          2.) On a few trackers I need to jump user classes - I'm comfortable on them ratio wise but with my speeds it'll take a lot of time to get to the next level.

                          3.) I've used a seedbox only once, for barely a week, and that was many many months ago. I'd like a more complete seedbox experience and know more about them - for instance when you say this plan doesn't have root access and cannot extract files - will I be unable to create torrents and upload them? You know - cross seed/ cross upload? My knowledge and first hand experience with boxes is minimal, so this would be a good opportunity to learn more.

                          4.) I've never asked to join certain trackers I'd very much like to be a part of (Bitme for one and maybe BitmeTv), due to my slow speeds. I'm hoping a month's seedbox will give me the leverage to do so.

                          5.) The root of all the causes - my *cough* 'broadband' *cough* speed -

                          Crossing my fingers and signing out :001_tongue:

                          Cheers mate!


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                            I am new over here and i have tried to share all my things.
                            I am trying to give what ever i can to this great community. let it be invites, bonus/karma or other nontracker related invites
                            I dont have money this month for a sb, my sb time period is over now
                            I have just got some new fresh accounts like bitme and bitmetv (1 month old accounts, but i could not use my previous sb on them as it had rutorrent in it and it was blacklisted client on both trackers)
                            i dont know what i will do, but i really needed one sb
                            If i am given a chance, I will be helping this community in more effective way
                            I have some hard to seed accounts like iplay sciencehd and, i am sharing all my bonuses with others even though i dont have very good ratio, but i want to help people who desperately needs them more than me. i have 100 to 200 gb buffer on all sites, which is more than enough for me.

                            I am just worried of bitme, bitmetv, sciencehd and I also got bcg before some days and i dont know where to start on it without an sb, i just want to make some basic buffer on all these sites so that i can feel relaxed
                            I am from India and over here net speed really sucks. I feel ashamed to show my speedtest in public, but what can i do, i dont have money to buy higher net speed and it is really very expensive over here in India to buy a good connection.
                            So i really needed this sb,
                            I dont want to buffer my accounts, but i just want to have some respectable ratio in between 1 to 2 on some of my new trackers.
                            I am new, compared to all other members, but u have my word that i am 100% trustworthy, i firmly believe in "DO GOOD AND GOOD WILL COME BACK TO U"
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                              Hello, i'd like to use your seedbox for SceneHD while I do have a good ratio, to get bonus points for "buying" invites is incredibly hard to get with just an ordinary connection. I have noticed many people asking for sceneHD invites here so I'd be able to help in the respect. I wouldn't think I'd need an entire month nor all that space. As mentioned I don't need it to maintain a good ratio but for invite purposes only. Thanks.
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