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100Mbit Dedicated Server - 30 days (500gb)

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  • 100Mbit Dedicated Server - 30 days (500gb)

    Might as well kick off the new section with a nice give away. Anyone want a dedicated server for 1 month?

    Xirvik "Personal Plan 500"
    2gb of ram
    500gb hard drive
    utorrent, rtorrent or torrentflux.

    There are no rules, I'll leave it up to you to impress me.

    Bonus points to anyone that's active in the Intro Section, Tracker Reviews or helps with the Master Intro Guide.

    Winner = Veritas
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    I would like to apply for the seedbox

    don't know how really I can impress you ..

    I don't have CC nor Enough money to donate, and gain invite from high lvl tracker ... I give away all invite I have to this site ... it really make me feel like it's my second home .
    I contributed in the past in the intro section a lot , but then I realized that there's too much flaws in the intro section and I am now against repping in ppl who are allowed to edit their intro from being 100% with trading to 100% against trading "I know there's alot of newbie and everything but GOD dammit RTFM and it should be okay then"
    I have been member here for more than a year now ... I know I don't have that much posts "mainly because I don't spam, re-post what other member have posted, and mainly I don't re-answer question which has been replied by other members" and not that much Igiver "I explained that earlier"

    so that's it "after re-reading my post it seems like I don't even have any chance of having this seedbox" .... hope you give it to the best applier ;)


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      Hi , This is the great giveaway for those who have low upload speeds. I have been here from the past 1 year and I can say this the best place I enjoyed living and chatting and also when it comes to help this is the best friendly community on Internet. I always got help here from lot of members. I'm applying for this giveaway because I dont have fast upload connection.

      Thanks for vegas for this giveaway and also for Ethicks for starting seedbox giveaway thread.

      Proud to be T-I member.
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      Celebrating 4+ year stay at T-I
      Thanks to extJSDB for promotion


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        Who ever you choose for this will definatly deserver it. Good generoucity out of you to spare somthing such as this which obviously costed you some money.

        I'm not sure if I'm that qualified but I'll try. I have been on here daily doing what I can, I like the way the site is run and how generous users and staff like yourself are. Becoming more active in the intros section as I've noticed that its been a lot of work for some mods. Been giving away invites as much as I can and will continue to do so. I always try to fill requests when they come up.

        My home upload connection is also very poor.

        This giveaway is more than just what people have or their buffers, its about how active they are on here and whether they contribute to the community positively. I know you will choose wisely.

        Great Giveaway.
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          Awesome giveaway Vegas :o
          I could really use a seedbox right now. Since SCT was shut down I've had to turn to SCC and I really need to get a buffer started so I wouldn't hurt the ratio too much when I need to download something. There are also some other sites I'm having ratio problems with:

          I really don't want to lose these two accounts because of ratio issues. I love being at both these sites.
          I've never actually had a dedicated server, has been months since I had a seedbox, too. I'm sure that dedicated servers don't lag as much, would really enjoy experiencing one.
          I also want to get some other accounts buffered so I wouldn't have to worry about them either.
          I will definitely make the best of that month if I get it, there won't be a second torrents aren't running on it.
          I'm currently pretty broke and I don't think this will change over the next couple of months so I can't afford paying for one myself

          Thanks for the chance at a dedicated server :)

          EDIT: Here's a speedtest so you can see just how much my home connection sucks :p

          EDIT2: What trackers will I use it with? SCC, **, TT, Norbits, Polishtracker, BCG. BMTV, maybe BM, and, of course, the two I have a poor ration on, What and MV
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          It's not a lake, it's an ocean.


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            Hi Vegas :)
            Wow, I saw this thread and thought: WTH?
            This is a heavy giveaway, one of the best's I've ever seen atm :D

            So, I want to apply for this because atm I can't afford to have a seedbox, and never had a dedicated one and don't know what's the feeling of that.
            And the main reason to win this of course, my upload speed lol (download speed is about 500kb, upload like 70 80 kb max)
            Here you got a speedtest from today:

            As all of you know, a seedbox is like our best friend for us because it does all for us, and our ratio increases a lot! :P

            I was a ScT member unfortunately.. you know..
            Because of that I want to boost my ratio's at TL, IPT, GFT and others (Gen 0day ones)
            Also, all my trackers I'm into, I'd like to boost them too, eventually to win invites and give to this great community that is T-I :) (HD trackers, music trackers, elearning trackers)

            If you want any proof I can give you mate
            I'm not into a negative mood that I'm not going to win, I'm just neutral right now, I hope you give it to the best guy around here!

            TI ROCKS!

            Once again, great seedbox giveaway, you deserve a medal for this one
            Regards, filele :)
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            Yeah, I'm the one and only McLovin from Superbad and the one and only Red Mist from Kick Ass :cursing:
            YEAH I'M BACK!

            A big thanks to all from T-I, special thanks for some users lalala

            BRIDSKID FTW


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              Hello, I liked to use the seedbox to increase the buffer in my trackers such as SCC,, BCG, TT and DB9. Without seedbox is very dificel maintain a good ratio on trackers like SCC or BCG and so much like me to use your seedbox for 30 days in order to keep my accounts with some good stats. If you want links to my Profile tracker Tell me please.

              Trackers that need buffer:


              Thanks for the opportunity!

              I am a member of trackers as GFT, SCC, PTN, SCL, TL and CN, DB9, TT, Bitme, BitmeTV and Waffles!
              With my connection to home, to no more than 80 KB / S Upload!
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                Hy Vegas ! Congrtz on this awesome G/A.

                The only thing that i can try to impress you is by making this ...

                ... without my low connection speed of the internet. 56 kb/sec :( the downlaod rate.


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                  Hi Vegas

                  i Would Like to Apply For The Dedicated Server Cuz i wanted to Get it from months but cant afford it and i am Member of many Private Trackers

                  Screen Shot of one of them:

                  and i am willing to share more invites with that Dedi Server and Also Help my Own Website :)
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                    Hello Vegas I would like to apply for this great giveaway because I really need the box for some accounts I will use with care the box if I'll recevie it.
                    I have bad bad ratio on look here:
                    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all.
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                      Great seedbox G/A section opener
                      I would like to use this because i have been told that if i achieve a high enough upload and fast for GFT i may receive an invite to F*N. I'm in such a panic at the moment so this would be so helpful
                      If you do not want ratio less trackers being used, i will use it for my TL, IPT account and my PTP account which is a bit low at the moment. I would also use it for my bitGMER account so i can become elite and give more invites.

                      Thanks a lot

                      p.s. I have already been booked in for a seedbox G/A this sunday. If i was picked for this i would disqualify myself from the other one and use this one. I desperately need the hard drive space
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                      My G/A HERE

                      All new members please read HERE!

                      My General Forum. Please feel free to join


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                        Hi Vegas!Great GA and a good occasion for me to try my luck and apply for it.
                        About me,what can I say to impress you?...Well,I love to help other people.I am a photoshop fan and I tried to help as much members of TI that I could in the graphic zone.
                        Also,I am a fan of torrent trackers.This is how I discover T-I.Thanks to all members which helped me.
                        I really need the help of a seedbox for buffering my preferate trackers ratios like torrentleech,revolution,waffles which are hard to seed lonely whith my own internet speed.

                        Thanks for opportunity,hope I'll be lucky!


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                          I've just sacrificed of two souls to Your Majesty. I want to feel The Might! I bow low before our Exalted Gods! ...I got carried away, sorry :)
                          I would apply for this MightyBox, since my ISP's new policy came into force.

                          Thanks for the opportunity.

                          P.S. Here then, as I lay down the pen and proceed to seal up my confession, I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end


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                            Can I apply please ?


                            I need it to buffer some my accounts and I don't have enough money to rent a seedbox.

                            Thx 4 this opportunity :001_smile:


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                              Hey Vegas buddy, we haven't talked for awhile but I just want you to know that you are doing an excellent job moderating the forums, and helping this community keep clean of traders, scammers and ratio cheaters. Also, congrats on reaching Reputation Beyond Repute as it definitely very honorable and you definitely deserved every single point. Today, I would like to apply for the seedbox because there are some trackers where it is hard to seed without a seedbox as well, there are many trackers where my ratio is not as good at the moment. For example since ScT went down last week, I have been a member on PT and it would nice if I could build a small buffer. Because I live in an area where geographically, the P2P controlling law are very strict, my uploadinig speed especially during nighttime is severely throttled thus, I could not be very active in my trackers. So, just wanted to say thank you for this giveaway and thank you for all the work you put into this community.