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Free SeedBox giveaway for a week

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  • Free SeedBox giveaway for a week

    hi. this is my first giveaway and i happy to do so with this great community
    the seedbox we talking about is Bat Box plan from
    now we always prefer to give seedboxes to the ones who struggles so :

    1. provide current proof that you have slow ISP connection
    2. explain why you are the one that need to get this seedbox

    best wishes
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    Hello [MENTION=359648]DieHard007[/MENTION],

    this is my speedtest: by Ookla - My Results

    I'd like to use your giveaway to upload huge torrent GBs (almost 700) for all user who are waiting it and, because of my slow connection, it would be perfect! Best regards and have a good day :)


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      Details Sent.
      for anything regarding the seedbox im PM away


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        Hi mate diehard.
        Hope you can help me to increase my ratio on some trackers. need it badly
        here my slow isp. :( by Ookla - My Results

        Thanks! and more power!


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          and also.. i want to increase my waffles account :)
          Thanks in advance mate.


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            can i get that seedbox, though i dont have slow net connection,
            but the fact is I am not being able to forward the port for utorrent, thats y i am not connectable....:(
            but i want to save my ratio for hon3yhd.



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     by Ookla - My Results

              hello, thanks for this GA
              hope to get a chance in your SB so i can warm up my ratio in TL


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                i apply for seedbox. pm sent!



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                  would like a seedbox
         by Ookla - My Results
                  due to slow speeds need seedbox to maintain ratio


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                    Please lend me a seedbox miracle~

                    Hi DieHard007

           by Ookla - My Results

                    I really wanted to download a number of torrents but only given an opportunity during freeleech days which only happens 3x a year and I've been doing this for 5 years now due to low ratio, slow upload and download rates in my home connection and very limited hdd space. If given a chance this will be the first time I'll be using a seedbox and experience it's miracles


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                      applying for this give away to maintain n improve ratios at TL IPT n GFP ...

                      my speeds


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                        Hey, would like to apply


                        For IPT


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                          Hi DieHard007
                          1. by Ookla - My Results + 2 . 1 Gbit up/dw 8 HOURS


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                            Hi , DieHard007 thanks , Good giveaway
                            i Would like to
                            apply please ,
                            Speedtest :
                            i have a lot of Mp3 Albums i want to upload them in QCT or RDT to improve my ratio and to help other users to get the Albums they want quicker !
                            thanks agian !


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                              HI diehard007 i would like a seedbox:

                              My connection is very slow which has landed me in hot waters & i need to seed alot of music/movies or im getting kicked out of help me man.
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