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1gbps - 500gb - shared - 5 day

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  • 1gbps - 500gb - shared - 5 day

    I am looking to gift my old stonabox out.

    Its still has around 10+ day left and i am going to gift it to 2 TI members(5day each)

    my requirement

    1. You need it to improve bad ratio (show me screenshots)
    2. Cannot abuse the slot

    First 5day (i will go into the server and delete the folders/files @ 20/2/2012 GMT +0800 1200hrs)
    User : paypal

    Next 5day (until the seedbox expire on 24/2/2013)
    User : dvdcd123
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    Hey @ThisIsInsane.. Charming GA.
    Would like to apply for it and would help me to get a better status in most of the private trackers i am..
    With this seedbox I can reach higher class and get some invites and bonus which I can give back here..

    I am quite an active member here on T-I since I joined this amazing community.

    Also my home speeds are pathetic as can be seen in my speed test proofs . [ ]

    I will not use it for pubic or semi -public trackers.
    I will promise to use the box 100% of it.

    also want to boost my ratio's in some private trackers [like IPT, TD, BitHDTV, DT, ChinaHDTV] and keep my Profile alive and get invites from Bonus points and share the Invites here in our LOVING T-I community..

    IPT .., no seedbous points [

    Really appreciate your work.
    Please consider Me., I will deeply appreciate it.

    Many Thanks to Flobie for the VIP...

    The Chocolate Guy



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      Hi ThisIsInsane
      I would like to apply for a slot on server as i recently joined a few new trackers and my ratio on some previous sites are also suffering
      Due to some problems with my payment provider i am unable to purchase a seedbox would be very helpful of you if you can possibly provide me a good seedbox

      low ratio
      Last edited by paypal; February 15, 2013, 07:00 AM.


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        i will pm you the seedbox info

        You will go second as paypal has bad ratio
        i will pm you the info on 20/2/2013 gmt +8 1230

        That conclude this giveaway!
        Last edited by ThisIsInsane; February 15, 2013, 07:47 AM.


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          you are not using the box at all, i will be giving the slot to dvdcd123 soon


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            i like to apply seedbox i will use 100%

            i using private tracker i need more upload to get power user or upload user
            i also using iptorrent to and private tracker
            my connection very bad my upload speed 384kbps not enough
            that i realy need use seedbox