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  • Invite Giveaway Guide

    Warning: This Guide is just that a Guide on how we suggest that all proofs are edited to ensure the safety of the Community. It is not to be considered the rules per say. The rules are that proofs be properly edited and we suggest that you employ the guidelines on this post

    The aim of this guide is to help you through the process of giving and receiving an invite as safely and as risk-free as possible. Please, ensure that you read the rules before giving or applying for an invite: Giveaway (Area 51) Rules
    If you have any questions, queries or need help or advice in setting up your giveaway or in applying for an invite, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the staff either via PM or in the IRC help channel (#TIHelp).
    What.CD invites can ONLY be requested and given away in the VIP forum
    PTP invites are not permitted to be given or requested anywhere on this forum at this time.
    PTP and Myanon bonus points cannot be requested nor given away anywhere on this forum.

    Written by Trevor
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    General Rules Things to check
    Title your thread correctly, e.g. TL x2; BitMe x3 [Note]
    Rep should never be asked for in any way, shape, or form. Not as a requirement, nor as a reward.
    Igivers are mandatory for all invites received on Forum after a successful signup
    You are permitted to bump your GA once every 24 hrs
    We recommend including links to the Reviews and to the GA Guide in your presentation. This will stimulate research and awareness of correct procedures. Check out the giveaway templates for help with your presentation.
    Have the applicants complied with all the set requirements of your giveaway?
    How recent is their speed test/ratio proof?
    What software is running in the ratio proofs?
    Check their post history and the iGivers left for others
    Check their intro: did they list the tracker in their intro? Is their country on the Banned Countries list?
    It's wise to let them PM some profile links, so you can double-check and take a closer look at their user stats.
    Things to report Important notes
    Use the report button (bottom left corner) for any of the below issues. Use the same button to report PM's.
    Exposed data, such as an unedited or very poorly edited ratio proof, an email address, or a profile link
    Spamming, flaming, or hijacking
    Offers to trade, even if they're made privately or off site
    Same username on T-I as on a tracker
    Asking for invites via PM
    Use of an unauthorized image host
    Failure to give an iGiver. Allow a minimum of seven days before reporting, and send a reminder PM first.
    You are responsible for your invites and for your invitees. Consequently, the setting up and managing of your giveaway is important, if you want to avoid bans or invite restrictions.
    If you believe that the applicant or invitee is a cheater, scammer, or trader, please put him on the chopping block. Be sure to make copies or screenshots of all the evidence. Read the CB Rules, and fill out the CB Submission Form.
    For further info on positive and negative iGivers, please refer to the FAQ
    Subscribe to your own giveaway threads. It's the easiest way to keep track of people applying for your invites.

    Before applying Applying for an invite
    Check the Banned Countries list. Do NOT apply for an invite if your country is banned by the tracker you're looking for. Do NOT even consider circumventing the system, for example by using a proxy to sign up.
    Check out the Tracker Reviews. Is the treacker you want to apply for really going to serve your needs? Are you sure you're going to use your account? Be aware you may face a negative iGiver if your account gets disabled for inactivity.
    If you want to be really safe, it's a good idea to do some research on your potential inviter before applying.
    Attention: if you had a previous account at the tracker or problems with the tracker before (banned, disabled,...), you MUST inform the inviter in your application.
    You MUST always make at least a post in the giveaway thread, in which you indicate that you apply for an invite and provide a speedtest. The speedtest must be a direct link to the site (just like in your introduction).
    Read the inviter's requirements carefully and continue to set up your application accordingly.
    If required, post correctly edited [COLOR=#9E8659]ratio proofs[/COLOR]. Be sure to comply with the inviter's specific wishes and further instructions if he expressed those in the first post of his giveaway.
    If the inviter asks for profile links, only send them via PM. A profile link is a url link to your tracker profile page.
    Things not to do Important notes
    Do NOT post profile links, emails, or unedited ratio proofs on the forum
    Do NOT PM members asking for invites. Only PM them if they have instructed to do so in their giveaway.
    Do NOT sign up with your TI username. Choose a new nick, which doesn't even remotely resemble your TI nick.
    Do NOT go complaining if you didn't get the invite.
    Do NOT attempt to trade in any way or form
    Do NOT use an email to receive invites that contains or resembles your TI username. Furthermore do not use the email used on Torrent-Invites on any Tracker
    For your own security, it's recommended that you use a different email, nick, and password for each tracker you join.
    Once you have successfully received the invite and signed up to the tracker, you MUST leave an iGiver. Refer to this tutorial for help:iGiver Tutorial
    We recommend that you wait a couple of days before submitting an igiver. The aim of this is to reduce the chances of your newly acquired account being tracked. Inform your inviter if you intend to delay the crediting.
    If the inviter asks for reputation or 'likes', please report the giveaway or PM by using the report button

    Written by Trevor
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      Invite Giveaway Guide

      Be sure that you have hidden everything that is listed in the following post:
      What needs to be left out in ratio proof editing

      Instructions: step 1-5

      Instructions: step 6-10
      1. What follows is the default procedure. Please check the first post of the giveaway to see if the inviter gave any special instructions with regard to ratio proofs.
      Go to the home page or browse page of the tracker (NOT your profile page)
      3. Take a full-page screenshot of your display (hit the PrtScr key). Open up an image editing program (e.g. Paint) and paste your image.
      4. Completely edit out your username, user class, number of invites and bonus points. And all other variable information.
      5. Leave tracker time visible, but remove seconds (if applicable).. e.g 13:45:32 (HH:MM:SS)
      6. Partially cover ratio, download, and upload so that everything after the decimal point is hidden. Also cover all the digits before the decimal point apart from the first 2 (eg.. 132.3754 GB. Make sure the units (GB, TB) are visible.
      Do NOT crop your proof and make sure no nudity or sensitive data (like emails, IP's, etc) are exposed.
      8. Upload your proof to the T-I Dump or Imgur. Do NOT use another image host.
      9. When the upload is complete, you'll get a set of different links. Select and copy the direct link.
      10. Now paste the direct link into your application.
      Ratio proof example Example with visual aids
      Correctly edited ratio proof
      Ratio proof with handy tips


      1. Go to your seedbox Web UI or Remote Client.
      2. Delete the contents of the address bar, and type your own forum username, and the long date.
      3. Take a screenshot (PrtScn), and paste that into MS Paint (or any other image editing program)
      4. Save it
      5. Do NOT crop your proof. Cover up any sensitive information.
      6. Upload your proof to the T-I Dump or Imgur. Do NOT use another image host..
      7. When the upload is complete, you'll get a set of different links. Select and copy the direct link.
      8. Now paste the direct link into your application.

      Seedbox Proof Examples With Tips


      Deluge Remote Client:

      Deluge Web-UI:

      Transmission Remote Client:

      Transmission Web-UI:

      Of Important Note

      To counter any type of fraud or con, we recommend the above type of seedbox proof. Please understand that we do not enforce this type of seedbox proof, but leave it up to the inviter to decide whether the above procedure should be followed. However, it's highly advised to use all possible security measures to avoid fake proofs.

      Written by Trevor[/INDENT]
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