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What needs to be left out in ratio proof editing

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  • What needs to be left out in ratio proof editing

    The Identifiers: What needs to be left out in ratio proof editing

    This sticky is created to define exactly which identifiers have to be left out in editing a ratio proof. New members do not know how to edit a ratio proof and what to edit exactly. While other existing members are confused as to what is and not supposed to be edited:

    • Username
    • Avatar (if it is anything but the default avatar)
    • Class/rank
    • Bonus/credit points
    • Number of hit and runs (even if it's at zero)
    • Active torrents both up and down (even if 0)
    • Global ratio needs to be edited after the decimal like
    • Number of referrals
    • Number of torrent requests
    • Number of private messages
    • Leave tracker time visible, but remove seconds (if applicable).. e.g 13:45:XX (HH:MM:SS)
    • Upload and download stats - Every number after the decimal point needs to be omitted. Also all the digits before the decimal point apart from up to the first 2 (eg.. GB.). The inviter has the flexibility to dictate how many digits are visible before the decimal points, but there should never be any more that 2 digits showing.
    • Full desktop screen shots are required.

    Example #1: Up 1.2GB, Down 0.7MB ----Should--look----like---> Up 1.xGB, Down 0.xMB

    Example #2: Up 20.53TB, Down 7.3TB ----Should--look----like---> Up 20.xxTB, Down 7.xTB

    9. [optional] Number of inbox messages (Decision of the GiveAway applicant to omit or not)

    Warning: If any of the identifiers from above are not edited in a ratio proof, it will be removed and you will have to fix the ratio proof and resubmit.

    Please report any proofs that are not edited properly. Less neatly edited proofs that still leave out the identifiers are fine and do not merit to be reported. Such still pass the test and the member will refine his/her editing technique in time.

    Ratio proof example Example with visual aids
    Correctly edited ratio proof
    Ratio proof with handy tips
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