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    Wazup my fellow Mac enthusiasts?

    I have one invite to BrokenStones, which is a dedicated Apple torrent tracker. This is by far my favorite tracker, so I only want someone who is going to enjoy this tracker as much as I do.

    Requirements: Show me proof that you are a Mac user.

    If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.

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    A TEAM

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    Wow man, I'd really like to join that tracker.
    I don't know if it happens to you but I usually buy the apps that I use; if I like an app a lot and I use it frequently, I buy it, and although there are some guys who doesn't believe this, it's true.
    A curious thing is that when you download an app and you like it a lot, surely you'll be interested in buying it, and that's what happens to me. I would like to join that tracker so I can full test an app before buying :D

    My ratio proof

    My apps folder

    Thank you dude!
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    I <3 YUI


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      Wazup alankun?

      Thank you for your request. I am very excited to be able to give you this invite, as I am positive you will enjoy yourself at BrokenStones.

      Please send me a PM with your email address, and you can go ahead and edit your post to delete your ratio and app proofs because I have already seen them.

      A TEAM


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        If you happen to come across another invite, I'd love to get in on some mac tracker action... Usually the picking is pretty slim, so a dedicated tracker would be mindblowing!

        Edit: Saw your other post on business cards and having worked at a variety of print shops, it never ceases to amaze me how little people know about what it takes to print anything... Uh, what's a bleed? Kills me every time!
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