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  • TD x 2

    Welcome to my TorrentDay giveaway.

    I have 2 invites

    2 Ratio proofs (with my name and the date in the url bar) as well as Seedbox proof.

    = Rules =

    All ratio and seedbox proofs must follow the instructions in the Giveaway Guide.

    Speed tests must be of your home connection and taken on the day you apply.

    All ratio proofs must be clearly visible. Not too small.

    Do NOT apply if your country is banned (check here).

    You MUST read and observe the rules explained here: Applying for an invite.

    Only apply if you haven't had an account on the tracker before (banned/disabled).

    Don't PM me, unless I ask you in this thread.

    Put Your Username and Date In Address Bar.

    Don't apply if you're not sure you're going to use your account.

    Invites only sent to Gmail addresses.

    I may ask you to PM me some profile links (so have them ready).

    Don't apply for more than one tracker, you have to make a choice.

    Remember to leave an iGiver. Here's how: iGiver Tutorial.

    If I invited you before: only apply if at least one month has passed since then.

    Don't apply if you don't meet my specific requirements for the tracker.

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    Hi there [MENTION=241874]giraffepilot[/MENTION] . Would like an invite. I don't download much and keep my torrents open on my Asus router. Lucky to be from the country that doesn't pursue torrents yet lol

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet - All three screenshots
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      Hi giraffepilot,

      I would like an invite too. Below is a link to the 3 screenshots (2 ratios + seedbox).

      Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet



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        Good. ok [MENTION=192165]Huvreer[/MENTION] PM me your email please. Thanks


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          @dashag - you need to protect yourself better by following the rules all the way. Make the corrections to protect yourself and PM me your email address when done ok?

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