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PHD x 0 / SPD x 1 / BG x 2 / JPop x 2 / L4U x 1 / PP x 5

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  • PHD x 0 / SPD x 1 / BG x 2 / JPop x 2 / L4U x 1 / PP x 5

    This is my first giveaway, so please let me know if I made a mistake with the acronyms of the trackers in the title?

    Requirements: 1 ratio proof & 1 speedtest less than 24 hours old

    My only personal rule is please do not ask for an invite to a tracker that you already have an account for; especially if it is banned, disabled, etc... Doing so can get my account banned, and my friend who invited me banned. Even if your other account there is in good standing, getting a new invite from me can get me in trouble because you are not suppose to have more than one account at a tracker. I am sorry if this disqualifies you, but you are personally better off trying to fix your original account than cheating and getting caught with multiple accounts. It may not be easy to fix your ratio or whatever problem you have with your account, but making a new account will make it nearly impossible for you. So this rule is here to protect you just as much as it protects me and everyone else in my invite tree.

    Please remember the T-I rules such as iGivers are mandatory for all invites received on Forum after a successful signup.


    bitGAMER - 2/2

    JPopsuki 2.0 - 2/2

    Lesbians4u - 1/2

    Pornplace - 5/5
    Review: I could not find a review.

    PrivateHD - 0/1
    Review: [General] PrivateHD (PHD) 2015 Review - 1/1
    Review: [General] Speed CD (SPD) Review 2014

    General T-I Rules

    All ratio and seedbox proofs must follow the instructions in the Giveaway Guide
    Speed tests must be of your home connection and need to be taken on the day you apply
    Do NOT apply if your country is banned (check here)
    You MUST read and observe the rules explained here: Applying for an invite
    Only apply if you haven't had an account on the tracker before (banned/disabled)
    Don't apply if you're not sure you're going to use your account
    I don't send invites to hotmail or ISP based addresses
    Remember to leave an iGiver, after you have successfully signed up. Here's how: iGiver Tutorial
    Don't apply if you don't meet my specific requirements for the tracker
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    I added some more invites.


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      I simplified the original post some.


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        Would like to apply for a PrivateHD invite plz =) Will use the account and leave an iGiver by Ookla - My Results

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          Originally posted by c0rrupti0n View Post
          Would like to apply for a PrivateHD invite plz =) Will use the account and leave an iGivert
          PM sent.


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            Igiver Sent .
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