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3 x IPTorrents (IPT) Invites

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  • 3 x IPTorrents (IPT) Invites


    3 x IPTorrents (IPT)


    Requirements: 1 ratio proof & 1 speedtest (or seedbox proof)


    ? All ratio and seedbox proofs must follow the instructions in the Giveaway Guide

    ? Speed tests must be of your home connection and need to be taken on the day you apply

    ? Do NOT apply if your country is banned (check here)

    ? You MUST read and observe the rules explained here: Applying for an invite

    ? Only apply if you haven't had an account on the tracker before (banned/disabled)

    ? Don't PM me, unless I ask you in this thread

    ? Seedbox users get priority. Post a seedbox proof if you have one.

    ? Don't apply if you're not sure you're going to use your account

    ? I don't send invites to hotmail or ISP based addresses

    ? I may ask you to PM me some profile links (so have them ready)

    ? Don't apply for more than one tracker, you have to make a choice

    ? Remember to leave an iGiver, after you have successfully signed up. Here's how: iGiver Tutorial

    ? If I invited you before: only apply if at least one month has passed since then

    ? Don't apply if you don't meet my specific requirements for the track

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    Hi, can I please have an invite to IPT? Thanks. by Ookla - My Results