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  • Learnflakes unlimited invites


    ● Tracker name - Leanrflakes (LF)
    Review: LF
    Requirements: Comment with 2 Speedtests between 5 minutes.


    All ratio and seedbox proofs must follow the instructions in the Giveaway Guide
    Speed tests must be of your home connection and need to be taken on the day you apply
    Do NOT apply if your country is banned (check here)
    You MUST read and observe the rules explained here: Applying for an invite
    Only apply if you haven't had an account on the tracker before (banned/disabled)
    Don't PM me, unless I ask you in this thread
    Seedbox users get priority. Post a seedbox proof if you have one.
    Don't apply if you're not sure you're going to use your account
    I don't send invites to hotmail or ISP based addresses
    I may ask you to PM me some profile links (so have them ready)
    Don't apply for more than one tracker, you have to make a choice
    Remember to leave an iGiver, after you have successfully signed up. Here's how: iGiver Tutorial
    If I invited you before: only apply if at least one month has passed since then
    Don't apply if you don't meet my specific requirements for the tracker

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      I'd very much like to get LF invite if still available.

      Speedtest 1: by Ookla - My Results
      Speedtest 2: by Ookla - My Results

      Thanks in advance.


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        Quick note for @mr_robot .
        When you apply to giveaway - be sure to check the activity of the original poster as this time the GA holder hasnīt logged in for 2 years so donīt expect to get the answer soon...
        (also the last post of this thread is 3 years old)

        This thread should be locked by now.


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          Good tip! will keep that in mind.