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2x Funfile, 1x IPTorrents

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  • 2x Funfile, 1x IPTorrents

    Welcome, newcomers! I offer you invites to two noob-friendly and excellent general trackers: FunFile and IPTorrents!

    Review threads: FF review and IPT Review

    IMPORTANT! Tracker Rules:

    You must only apply for an IPTorrents Invite if you agree to the Hit-n-Run rules!
    (they're not really that bad, believe me)
    • ALL torrents must be seeded to 1.0 OR
    • For SIX months
    • OR
    • For at least a week and then simply zap them with 50 bonus points, or some upload credit. (don't forget to remove them from your torrent client after zapping)

    You must only apply for a FunFile invite if you agree to the rules!
    • Torrents must be seeded to 1.0 OR
    • Must run for 72 hours AND
    • Your overall ratio must not fall below 1.0.
    • Hit-n-Runs can be bought off with credits, but don't make a habit of it.
    • Lykos is a kitty-fiddler.

    Giveaway Requirements:

    Since this is the 10% board, requirements are light, but be sure to follow them exactly:
    • Two speedtests from one upload, one download. will not be accepted.
    • A properly-edited seedbox proof may be used in place of speedtest.
    • One properly-edited ratio proof. If you cannot provide one pm me and maybe we can work something out.
    • You may only request either Funfile or IPT, not both.
    • Send your applications to me via PM. Do not post in this thread.

    Amachan's Quick Guide to IPTorrents Success (also useful for most other private trackers)

    During your first week or so on the tracker:
    1. Download 10 very small torrents. Keep seeding them forever to build up bonus points.
    2. Download freeleech porn. Seed 'til you bleed.
    3. Stick to popular torrents at first -- IPT's "Our Staff Recommend" torrents are ideal.

    Congratulations, you should have plenty of bonus points and a high ratio now.
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