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A gift from the T-I VIPs! - 1500 invites to give away. Read here.

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  • A gift from the T-I VIPs! - 1500 invites to give away. Read here.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT GIVE AN iGIVER TO ME UNLESS I SENT YOU THE INVITE. If the error "Deal URL invalid" comes up for you, find a thread started by the member you're trying to give the iGIver to and use that URL instead.

    The VIPs came together and combined all of the invites they have on every tracker they're a part of, and we're ready to give you all the invites we can.

    Here's the VIPs that contributed - NaruDita, DX, Arakasi, deadgrand, anubis_cro, Tim, mojo, xvkrusnikvx, sam8cb, AshuraChan, Sirius, HP2009M, Mercurial, canadianguy, maverick2001, jcomte15, Stellar, Ruxus.

    Now, before I list the invites that we are giving away, I have a few things to mention.

    First, this list could have things listed that we're not able to give away - as you might guess organizing all of this was a lot of work, and if we find any trackers in this list at a later time that we're not allowed to give invites to in this section, or on T-I in general, we will remove them and you may not apply.

    This is important - please remember you are only 10% and may not get these invites. Post a speed test, and if possible 1-3 ratio proofs to be safe.

    Each inviter has the right to ask for more if they need it. Nobody is guaranteed to get an invite, there's just a pretty good chance with how many invites are floating around.

    Just be patient everyone, it's going to be a multiple week process to get all these invites sent out.

    Your application will take time to process as we're all going to be discussing who's received our invites, and whether someone is qualified for the tracker they want to join.

    You must post here if you want an invite. You cannot simply use PMs to go straight to the source, and you may not send a PM unless you're asked to.

    Do not try to get more than one invite to the same tracker, we'll be keeping track and doing so comes with not only disqualification from any of the other invites, but possible further punishment.

    Please remember to properly show your appreciation to those that have done this.

    And most importantly - pay it forward. Ideally, you could donate and become VIP like the cool guys and girls who are bringing you these invites. If you cannot afford that, at least remember this thread when you come to the point of deciding if you want to give someone an invite or not a few months from now.

    T-I is a community and we cannot survive without support and friendship.

    And, on that note. Here are the invites we have available. Please read the tracker reviews before applying.

    10 X 420Project
    38 x AO
    101 x AppzUniverse
    6 x AsiaTorrents
    11 x AwesomeHD
    1 x Bitspyder
    6 x BitMe
    14 x Bit-HDTV
    2 x BitGamer
    5 x BMTV
    2 x Boxing Torrents
    4 x Brokenstones
    10 x Cinemaggedon
    2 x
    ∞ x Demonoid
    11 x Dididave
    3 x Digital Hive
    25 x Diwana
    15 x DTN
    155 x ebookvortex
    10 x ExtremeBits
    1 x Fatal Tracker
    3 x formulamonkey
    57 x funfile
    3 x Fux0r
    8 x Goem
    5 x
    2 x HD-Space
    3 x HDME
    32 x iPTorrents
    4 x IrishTorrets
    5 x Jpopsuki
    2 x KG
    10 x Losslessworld
    9 x LzTr
    4 x MMA Tracker
    500 x MyAnonamouse
    1 x Neptoons
    5 x Nordic T
    6 x
    51 x Pro Audio Torrents
    28 x PTFiles
    101 x PTM
    2 x PTN
    9 x PwnNetwork
    6 x RevTT
    1 x RMVBusters
    10 x RMT
    8 x SceneBytes
    4 x SceneXpress
    1 x SCL
    2 x SDBits
    5 x Secret Cinema
    3 x Shellife
    5 x Tachymetry
    25 x
    1 x
    11 x TehConnection
    1 x TheDVDclub (GONE)
    5 x TheHorrorChannel
    5 x The Scene Nation
    5 x TL
    5 x TNetwork
    2 x Torrentvault
    5 x TTi
    5 x
    7 x TvT (
    2 x Tv-Vault
    25 x TrackerAccess
    1 x Twilight Torrents
    16 x Waffles
    4 x XS
    2 x

    Total: 1455

    Mod Edit: Please use one of the following image hosting sites:

    • imageshack
    • imagebam

    Those of you who uploaded on please use one of the above and re-upload your proofs.
    Thank you for your understanding.
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    Need help? PM me and I'll find you the answer.

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    Would love an invite to Tv-Vault. Thanks!!

    here is a recent ratio with IPT:

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      I'd like to have an invite to BitMe.

      If you need any info, like speedtest results, proofs, etc. - feel free to PM me.


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        i want a waffles invite... thanks


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          We understand that at 10% you may not have a lot of ratio proofs, but anything you can show to convince us to give you the invite is going to help. We likely won't give invites to those who simply say "I want in!"
          Need help? PM me and I'll find you the answer.


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            I would love an invite to TL.

            Here's my Ratio Proof:
            - deleted -

            - deleted -


            Edit: Just received an invite from Arakasi. Thanks just the same.
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              May I please have an invite to SDBits?

              ratio proofs:

              Uploaded with

              Uploaded with

              Uploaded with

              speed test:


              Uploaded with

              More proofs available upon request.
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                i would love to get an invite for
                1x bitme
                1x TL

                Pulser Edit - Unapproved Image Host
                Please read the
                Invite Guide for information on which image hosts you can use.

                thanx in advance!
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                  can i have torrent leech invite please my ratio proof is here ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting i would realy love to get an invite to this website


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                    Can i have one to TL plz

                    two of my proofs

                    Uploaded with

                    Uploaded with
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                      Hi Jschro14,

                      first of all, a big thanks to all the inviters.

                      Not too sure if I am eligible, I would like to get a waffles invite. If that is not possible then I would love to get a TL invite instead. Thanks.

                      Ratio Proofs:



                      Updated 10/3/2011: I have got my waffles invite. Hopefully I still can request for the TL invite. Thanks.
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                        Updated first post with some tips in yellow.
                        Need help? PM me and I'll find you the answer.


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                          **EDIT** HAVE RECIVED A TL INVITE from another thread - May i please have a waffles instead.

                          Hi there, First of all, GREAT idea and thankyou in advance.
                          And as the topic started suggested i will donate to the site then pass invites back to torrent-invites ( by the TI rules )
                          I have been on demonoid for ages and the others only a week or so.
                          Have atached ratio + seedbox proof.
                          Seedbox has been working overtime so i might add another Demonoid screen later as they have not updated ratio's for 2 days or so

                          **EDIT**Here is that updated ratio. can provide full screen if needed.

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                            Hello there!
                            Great GA, congrats!!
                            I'd like to aply for an invite on PTN.

                            Here's a ratio proof:


                            Thanks a lot!!
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                              Thanks for organizing this! Would love an IPT invite if possible.

                              I've included a TL 2TB:1TB ratio proof and a speed test.

                              Cheers, sower
                              Attached Files