No announcement yet. Part II and VIP 20% Off!


  • Part II and VIP 20% Off!

    So ladies and gentlemens....

    Part I gave you the new spanking IRC...

    Part II gives you the new spanking theme!

    Check it out and of course test it out!

    This is a brand spanking new theme and obviously there will be faults!

    Please report any bugs here:

    Also user tags!!! Just put an @ in front of a username and that person will be informed of this post.

    Here is an example. @Vegas @Signus

    We will be rolling out more of TIv4 later on. =]

    Oh yes... There is more.

    Hope you like it!


    1 Week only
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    • MOTM Nomination Thread
      by JustJenna
      Time to nominate July's member of the month! Remember, according to our new system, all repped in members can nominate and vote but please limit your nomination or vote to ONE person. It is too hard to count your votes otherwise. If you haven't read the thread regarding our new way of selecting MOTM and it's associated prize, please make sure you do so there are no misunderstandings. This announcement will remain open until the 14th, at which point the thread will be closed for posting while we ta...
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    • New Way of Selecting Member of the Month
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      Hey everyone!

      I am excited to tell you about some changes occurring at Torrent-Invites. From now on, the Member of the Month competition will be voted on by the entire community in a nomination thread posted here in the Announcements section. All members may cast ONE vote in the nomination thread for whichever member they desire. The staff will tally the numbers and award VIP Tier 5 to the winning member. We are also planning to create a special user bar announcing the winner's MOTM
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    • Mobile Applications Available!
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      Hey folks,

      Our Android and iOS applications have been updated and published to their respective markets!

      • The Android application can be found here: Android App
      • Simply click 'INSTALL' for it to automatically be sent to your device
      • Alternatively, it can be found on the play store via your Android device

      • In order to obtain our iOS application, you will need a jailbroken iPhone
      • To do this, use this software: Absinthe 2.0
      May 30, 2012, 09:41 PM
    • Another rises through the staff ranks
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      It is with the greatest of pleasures that I present to you all the newest silver crown on the streets of T-I.... Copper Copper has proven himself time and time again to have the best interests of TI and its members at heart, his willingness to help all those that he can and his dedication to the site is more than commendable, as such the staff have decided to bestow the title of Supermod upon him. So please show your appreciation for his continued efforts and join me...
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    • Newest Moderator - TheLaughingMan
      by Vegas
      It is time to announce the latest addition to our Moderator ranks - TheLaughingMan

      He has dedicated 3 years to T-I and works tirelessly behind the scenes identifying problems, finding solutions, and improving the site.

      Please join me in congratulating our newest Moderator!
      May 20, 2012, 07:53 PM
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      Itís time to announce some very long overdue promotions. As many have noticed there has been a gaping hole in the supermod team, with only TankGirl and Shadowbuild to keep things afloat. While no one can deny that these two have done an admirable job of it, the senior staff feels itís time to lighten their load with the addition of three brand new supermods. Please everyone join me in congratulating Pulser, Drauka, and Outdoors30! All three of these guys contribute to T-I in their own special...
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