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IRC Rules

  1. You must be ranked 10% or higher before joining the main channel (#torrent-invites)
  2. Do not join IRC and ask to be repped into the site.
  3. You must use your forum username (type /nick forumname)
  4. Do not flood the channel
  5. Swearing is discouraged
  6. No spamming of other sites
  7. There is a VIP channel, pm a Mod to be added so you can join. (/join #TI-VIP)
  8. Do not argue with mods or channel ops
  9. Do not ask for voice or op
  10. Changing to somebody elses nick to impersonate them will get you banned
  11. Do not flame other members if they ask you not to
  12. 12 Do not post any nsfw images on #Torrent-Invites
You must be at least 10% rank to join #torrent-invites

Joining IRC via the web client:


  1. Click where it says IRC (pointed to in the red box)
  2. You will then be taken to a page that loads a Java applet. This will be the web client for IRC
  3. Make sure the username is your site username. If you have a registered nick (see below for registering your IRC nick) check the box and enter your password.
  4. Click the "Start button.
  5. You will then be connected. Happy chatting!

How to Configure mIRC Tutorial

Server address:
Port Number: 6667 | SSL: +6697
Main Channel: #Torrent-Invites (No channel key required currently)
Help Channel: #TIhelp (No channel key required)
1. To register your nickname type in:
/msg NickServ register password <-- Use YOUR password & email address
2. If you have already registered your nick and are reconnecting to the server type in:
/msg NickServ identify your_password <-- Use YOUR password
3. Now you are registered and validated you can join the IRC channel by typing in:
/join #Torrent-Invites
4. VIP Tier 1 and up can also create a free virtual host to better protect your identity and for vanity:
/msg hostserv request
5. If you run into any problems: Connect to T-I's Help Channel via your Web Browser