[General] ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review
  • ScanBits (SB) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default ScanBits.org | SB | General | 2011

    Hello dear pirates

    It's a Scandinavian tracker who deliveres scene releases, and what ever follows.
    Our connections is between 100/100 and 1G/1G so if you think that you have to wait like a day to get your stuff, then you are very wrong
    Don't think that we only upload releases from scandinavien, no, it's releases from all over the world
    it's a private tracker but right now we have open signup
    We're a very kindly staff who works really hard to get this tracker great
    We opened for 2 weeks ago
    New stuff!
    We get a lot of our uploades from the scene [Pre], so we can guarantee you, that you won't get old stuff, not at our tracker
    We upload what we can get!. That means, yeah, pretty much everything. And if we don't have what you're looking for, then you can just request it, and we will do our best to find what you are looking for!

    Yes, we put all of our energy to upload the stuff you want!, but!, we also have a forum, supportcenter, IRC channels. Our forum is a place, where your questions are being answerd or, you can join our support channel, where we have our first Line Supporters who will help and guide you through your problem[s]!

    Join us, and make a different in the pirat World :)

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    you have to follow this template in order to make a correct review. you haven't made an intro yet. first of all make an intro and get accepted. then follow the template and make the necessary changes.

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    TM775, it's fine if starting members create reviews. Thread re-opened.

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    provide us with some links like signup link.

    ------------------------Post auto merged------------------------

    this tracker seems to be very new.

    some of it's categories are empty.

    I liked the design very much has an apple touch into it.

    the site gives you a headstart like:
    -Bonus: 200.0
    -Invites 1
    -Uploaded:5.00 GB
    -freeleech slots :5
    and also :

    All Torrents are now FREE 2 LEECH remember to SEED

    the categories are:

    Apps - Mac
    Apps Windows
    Books - Mags
    Custom DVD
    Games/PC ISO
    Music > Video
    TV > Episodes
    TV > Episodes HD

    and you get loggedout every time you DC.

    it has the potential
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    Nowadays very good general tracker for Scandinavian people. Lots of DVDRs and TV-DVDRs with nordic subtitles and pretty good pre-times. Archive section is huge and free2leech.

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