[Old] Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review
  • Speed.cd (SPD) Review

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    Default Speed.cd | SPD | General | 2010

    Tracker Name:- Speed.cd
    SPEED.CD :: You're Home Now!!
    Tracker Type:- General
    Tracker Birthday:- 18th January
    Signups:- Invite only

    Note:- Please do not use this thread to discuss about aXXo.


    Speed.cd is another good general tracker out there.Tracks tv content and Movies. Almost 3 years now and they are still running strong despite the controversies they have been into.Anyway lets move on



    Homepage contains Announcements,News and Polls.

    Tracker stats:- Couldnot be found please pm me if you know where to find it.

    Torrent categories:- As this is a Movie/Tv shows dedicated tracker categories are dominated by them.

    Browse page/Latest torrents:-

    All large files (bigger than 5 Gb) are freeleech plus some selected torrents. Freeleech are marked with [Freeleech] next to them.

    Forums:- Forums are not very active as compared to other sites.

    Rules:- Rules here are relaxed but should not be taken for granted.

    Bonus system:- The bonus system here is very good. Helps you maintain a decent ratio easily.Check it out.

    Earning bonus points:-

    0KB/s = 1 bonus point every 5-6 hours
    1-10KB/s = 1 bonus point/hour
    11-25KB/s = 2 bonus points/hour
    26-90KB/s = 3 bonus points/hour
    100KB+/s = 5 Bonus points/hour
    Spending bonus:-

    Userclasses and promotions:-

    Invite system:-Site opens registrations on the 15th of every month.


    Extra info:-

    There is a lot of doubt wheather the real axxo or a fake axxo is a very active member of this site, truth is that the name of the administrator of this site is axxo, and has the same signature avatar as the "real axxo", and there are constant "axxo quality" movie releases. I have noticed aXXo's rips are strikingly similar to files uploaded on other torrent sites in size as well as quality.But this is my personal opinion.
    Important note: Please do not use this thread to discuss wheather this is the real axxo or not. As I have no way of knowing it for sure and probably neither do you (unless he is your next door).

    Speeds here are quiet decent although its really bad at times.Site staff is also good and are always willing to help you out.Ratio will never be a problem here due to their bonus system.Overall Its just another mid-level general tracker trying to make it big.Its a good place to start torrenting from.


    Design:- 7/10 (I conside P*N 9 so 7 is
    good enough)

    Speeds:- 8/10 (Not great but not bad at all)
    Content:- 7/10 (Most of the content comes here after it is uploaded at IPT)

    Rarity:- 6/10 (Rare contents found but not in plenty)
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    Everything is good..about this tracker,except from the fact that their support sucks!!! I downloaded a large pack from there and let my seedbox seed for days...but the upload wasnt counted.My client is legit rtorrent+rutorrent.Anyways..i pmed one of their staff about it..he said he cant help..he asked me to pm the admins.Lol..pmed him several times without any response.
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    really good site, those pics are from the classic theme, they also have a more modern theme which is a bit better
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    A good tracker, but not my favorite....i got a lot of false positives on my antivirus while downloading from here....and it's not easy to upload....but it seems to be going better all the time...
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    Just got in here thanks to an open signup
    <3 it because I am a warez uploader and when people see aXXo they will love download my downloads like no tomorrow :D
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    Speed.CD is one of the first private trackers I used when I joined T-I.
    I found it extremely easy to seed, along with the bonus point system.
    The content is fairly large and their layout is pleasant.
    Favorite communities: PTP|BTN|DB9|WCD|AB|bB|iTS|SciHD|BME|PLD|GG|GFT|
    “Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.” - Carl Sagan

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    Speed.CD is one of the best torrent site I've ever used. Easy to seed, good bonus point system, good speed and fairly good content.
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    Awesome awesome speed. just like the name. Is it the real axxo though is all I wanna know. When I started 5 years ago axxo rips were my fave so gettin them there is nostalgic. Of course now i know the quality not that good but a nice neat lil700mb no rar. LOL
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    i have account on it but really nothing interesting :) sry for the fans
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    Feb 2011
    South Dakota, USA


    Just a note: Speed.cd could almost be a sister site to IPT. It has great speeds on everything and has the same design and type of torrents. There are considerably less torrents than IPT, but it is more movie focused, and as an example there are 23 torrents for "The Social Network" out of their 35k torrents, compared to 60 torrents on IPT out of 120k. 23/35000= 0.00066 | 60/120000=0.0005
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