[Misc] HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review
  • HDVNBits (HDVB) Review

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    Default HDVNBits (HDVB) Review

    Name: HDVNBits

    URL: http://hdvnbits.org

    Online Since: November 11, 2008

    Sign-up Page: http://all.hdvnbits.org/signup.php

    First, i have to say: HDVNBits is Vietnamese-only tracker, if you are foreign then its nearly impossible to get in.

    HDVNbits is a pretty special site. One site, two trackers running along.

    - ALL.HDVNbits.org: General tracker, contains Movies (DVD, DVDR, mHD, but no HD content); Music (only lossy); TV; Games (consoles and PC); Apps
    - HDVNbits.org HD tracker: this is the main tracker. Contains HD contents, includes 720p, 1080p Movies/TV Shows/Music Videos/Anime and Lossless Music.

    okay, then someone would ask me: why just one tracker and throw everything in it? (or: just make a general tracker!). here are some reasons about this:
    - although the hd tracker was born in late 2008, all.hdvnbits was just launched like 3 months ago. The staffs of hdvnbits realized that their users need more than just hd content so BOOM, all.hdvnbits launched
    - all.hdvnbits is a chance for new members to get in the HD tracker. if they are really active in the tracker, like good ratios and be good in the community, they should be considered by hdvnbits staff members, to get an invite to HD tracker.
    - hd contents are and always their main target, not games or apps or crap. all.hdvnbits.org is just like a 'back up' to the main tracker.

    too much words right? time for pics. since there are 2 trackers i'll put pics of both trackers side-by-size

    RIGHT = GENERAL TRACKER (all.hdvnbits.org)





    Rules & FAQ:

    Forums: public. url: http://forum.hdvnbits.org. since this is a vietnamese forums and no international speaking forums so its pretty pointless to foreigners

    Wiki page: public. url: http://wiki.hdvnbits.org. there're many guides about hd, including playback and encoding but once again, in Vietnamese.

    User Classes and Promotions

    They also have an image hosting, but for registered members only, no anonymous uploading

    Games: HDVNbits have many games for users to relax, and thats also another way to get upload credits and bonus points. They have 4 games right now

    - Football betting

    - Gold grabbing

    - Lottery

    - Blackjack

    this site contains a lot of hd encodes from well known p2p groups like ESiR, EbP, CtrlHD, DON...

    hdvnbits also has their own teams, which are:
    - HDvB: hd encoding
    - EPiK: Vietnamese SDTV capping, miniHD encoding
    - L2Bits: lossless music ripping

    ofc, hdvnbits has scene releases like other trackers.

    Speed: very good on new torrents, can easily maxed out my 100Mbps seedbox. on old torrents is unpredictable, depends mostly on the content of the torrent and amount of seeders. if you are experience bad speed on a specific torrent, you can easily PM moderators to ask people who downloaded the torrent to help seed.

    Bonus points: you can get bonus points by seeding torrents. bonus points based on the size, ages and number of seeders of the torrents

    Invites: if you get 100000 bonus points you can exchange for an invite. but if you caught inviting foreigners = permanent ban

    Thats it, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
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    In future might become a high level tracker (not rating), but now it's quite useless for a foreigner. i'm quite sure that in Vietnam are not to many metropolitan/fiberlink internet conections so speed showld be slow.

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    Default Re: HDVNbits.org | HDvB | HD | 2010

    Is there any other way to become a member of this site besides getting in through all.hdvnbits?
    I don't need non-HD contents...Any ideas?

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    this tracker is open for registration, if anyone's interested. i snatched one 720p torrent to see the speeds and i might say its not bad at all..however, i'm still on zero upload (i'm not counting starting 1gb), not much 'feedback' on it since i started to seed it...

    hd content is good and there's lot (but i mean really lot) files from hdbits, particularly EbP, CRiSC (those two are, imho, the best bets when it comes to hdbits internals, EbP especially), CtrlHD, ESiR, DON...

    ratio regulations aren't too bad, even to people with slow conn, lots of new material, from 720 encodes to bd remuxes and its pretty well seeded according to given info....so nothing stops you to give it a try...
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    Being using it for a month or so... has loads of HD releases (movies, TV shows), speeds are awesome and is recommended

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    I signed up for this tracker when it was open, and it is a good HD tracker. I think they are somehow involved with hd-bits.org as they call ctrlHD, DON and others internals. As a new user you cannot download these, you need to reach power user, which requires 4 weeks, 50gigs download, and ratio above 1.05. They do have an english option though, for the torrent section anyways, which seems to work fine for me.

    Taken from forums:
    Originally Posted by alu
    English translation: Q: Why can not I download some torrents specified? A: Some torrents are Marked to be downloaded by only highly-contributing users. Q: So how can I download torrents này? A: 1 / By Reaching higher user user classes. - As a power user, you can download encodes internal (ɘɘɘ / CtrlHD / DON releases for example) and BluRay discs. - As an Elite User you can download lossless music releases L2bits. - Some torrents are Marked as VIP-only: Honors only, Uploaders, VIPs and Staff Members can download the torrents. In conclusion, by being an Elite User, you Should have enough permission to download almost every torrents. 2 / By donating to the site, more information here: http:// all.hdvnbits.org / myhdp.php . 3 / By Exchanging 75,000 karma points ( HDVNbits.Org :: Home Phim Bo|phim hd|download|torrent|P2P|BitTorrent|Download|Movie If you have 75,000 bonus points, click on 'download upgrade right' and you Able to download all nên torrents' even're a normal user.

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    yes but it's not good, cause i need file which relaese of DON so i couldn't download

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    gotta wait your 4 weeks for power user, or you can donate to become vip.


    I forgot to mention they also have tv.hdvnbits.org, which is a live tv streaming site for Star Movies HD, Star World HD, Disney Channel HD, HBO HD, and some others.
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    UK Where else is there ?


    Cool site thanks

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    Hdbits.org top uploaders and EbP leaders are mod and admin there, great speed and pre time. Lots of Hdbits internal encode over there.

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