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  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review
  • BitSpyder (BS) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default BitSpyder (BS) Review


    Bitspyder is, besides BitMe, one of the most popular private trackers, when it comes to E-learning. As it is written in their FAQ, Bitspyder's goal is not to become just another torrent tracker but to provide useful and latest study materials. A fact that Bitspyder exists for almost 5 years indicates how well established tracker Bitspyder has become, along with its loyal & strong group of members. Also, I think I'm not exaggerating when I say that BitSpyder has one of the most appealing & descriptive user-interfaces of all e-learning trackers.

    BitSpyder's URL : .:: Bitspyder.net
    BitSpyder's signup URL : .:: Bitspyder.net
    ( NOTE : public signups are currently closed, as it is written on their web page, but U can try their IRC channel for an invite )

    Tracker type : E-learning tracker

    Tracker Birthday : BitSpyder celebrated its 4th birthday in March 2010.



    Tracker Stats *

    * Pay attention to a huge number of banned members. The list of those members can be browsed along with the members who are still active
    ( just click on Memberlist ).

    Torrent Categories

    Browse Page


    When it comes to freeleech, BitSpyder isn't that generous ( or generous enough ). I managed to find only 3-4 torrents which are marked as freeleech, all the time. Here's a screenshot which proves that :

    Apart from torrents which are marked as freeleech all the time, on special occasions ( tracker's birthday etc. ) which occur mostly 2-3 times a year, all torrents are marked as freeleech ( site-wide freeleech ). In these occasions, site-wide freeleech lasts only for a few days. Here are the screenshots which will show you what these special occasions are :

    And here's the official BitSpyder's staff opinion about freeleech which I managed to find on their forum :

    The COMPLETELY RANDOM freeleech that we have, rewards users who are active and, more importantly, visit the site often/check the forums. Such users will be aware of these announcements as they happen, other users who aren't, so called, regulars will miss those announcements and lose out on the opportunity of free downloads and a potential ratio boost.


    In general, there are 2 kinds of forums :

    General Forums

    Tech Forums


    Bonus System

    There isn't one. I've checked their forums about this matter. It seems there were several suggestions regarding to seed bonus/points implementation but all of them have been rejected. Reason for that lies in a freeleech paragraph, above.

    User Classes / Promotion

    Invites System

    Invites are given to Power Users & higher user classes in random intervals. Power users can have max 10 invites @ the same time. Here are some guidelines regarding the invites :

    - Use it wisely, DO NOT invite people whom you do not know or trust
    - Inviting the wrong people (cheaters, trouble makers, people with malicious intentions etc) will get your account banned for ever
    - Your account wont be affected if the user you invite gets banned for low ratio, unless you try to invite them again
    - DO NOT trade or sell our invites
    - DO NOT give away our invites in public forums, give it to your friends.. people whom you know or trust

    IRC Details

    BitSpyder's IRC server : irc.bitspyder.net
    BitSpyder's IRC channel : #bitspyder
    Live Webchat Page : .:: Bitspyder.net :: Det
    ( May not work with some versions of IE, try Firefox or Opera. )

    Donation System / Page

    Special Features


    It is a forum focused on a news from various fields of human knowledge. All members can post GeekNews contents & paste URL's which lead to those contents.


    It is a forum where all members can post various educational video contents which are either homemade or uploaded from different video hosting web sites.

    What is common both to GeekNews & Geek TV forums is that every member who has posted either GeekNews or GeekTV content will get reputation points for that. Those points can be changed for :

    - Ratio credit
    - Extended time before ban
    - Invites

    Personal Commentary

    Content 9/10

    BitSpyder's content is rich & heterogeneous, as you can see from the screenshots. The number of approximately 12 thousand torrents is, by all means, noteworthy. New torrents pop up constantly, about 20-30 of them every day. I must mention that BitSypder has tremendous collection of an exclusive torrents/torrent packs. Also, pre-times there are very good.

    Forum & IRC Activity 8/10

    There's solid activity going on there but, in my opinion, it wouldn't harm if it would be a little bit greater. Staff members are kind & friendly, they will answer your questions in reasonable time. In general, the community is very good. I must commend Tech Forums which are accomodated to members who want to talk about some specialized matters/themes.

    Maintaining The Ratio 7/10

    It's not an easy job to maintain your ratio there because, as you can see on the screenshots, there is a huge number of seeders & a tiny number of leechers. The main problem is a lack of leechers so, even if you have a good internet connection, U could get in a trouble if U have picked some '' wrong '' or, let's say, less interesting torrents. If you're in a trouble with your ratio, there are some things you can do to make it better :

    - seed all torrents as long as you can ( some leecher will come along eventually )
    - make posts in GeekNews & GeekTV forums because you will get reputation points which can be changed for ratio credit
    - upload your own stuff
    - if there are no leechers on your torrent for some time, you can always ask for help either other BitSpyder members on forums ( believe me, it works, in most cases ) or your friend who is a BitSpyder member, too
    - participate in upload contests where you can win upload credits, VIP status etc.

    Speed 7/10

    Seeder/leecher ratio is excellent so you will find seeders on all torrents, even on the oldest ones. On the other hand, speeds are not so great. On some torrents, mostly the newer ones, speeds are quite solid but when it comes to older torrents, download speeds are slower.


    BitSypder is an excellent tracker which can fulfill everybody's need for knowledge. Community is very pleasant & the user-interface too. It's not so hard to get in but please remember that U must follow the rules. Staff members really enforce the rules, I mean, just take a look @ the number of banned members. I believe that nobody who really likes educational material & e-learning staff will be disappointed with this tracker.

    Have fun & enjoy !
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    Screenshots need to be updated. :)

    BS is a great elearning tracker.
    Unfortunately, freeleech is rare,
    and they don't have RSS.
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    Default Re: BitSpyder.net | BS | eLearning | 2010

    Yes BS is great but as you said basically no freeleech and it's quite hard to seed what you download as there are often not many leeches for a given torrent.

    Upload is available from the time you sign up though so this can be a good way to build ratio.
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