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  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review
  • FeedTheNet (FTN) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default FeedTheNet | FTN | General | 2010


    Ahhh, and here we are... the most wonderful and the most .. THE MOST sought for private tracker -- The FTN --
    Mind it my friends this is no joke site. Seriously saying no one .. just no one gets into this level 8 tracker unless GOD himself invites you to it! lol! well starting with a basic info.. FTN is an awesome general 0day tracker with absolutely amazing and diverse content. FTN is hosted on a server based in canada. i am not a member at the site and i have collected every bit of the info from all sources i could find .the url to the site is: http://feedthe.net/

    the features of the sites are:
    1. FTN is considered the beest tracker of all time with amazing speeds, a lot of torrents, and fabulous content.
    2. The tracker has only 5000 places and reamins almost full. invites are real rare here.
    3. about the invite system, i could not find a 2010 review for that so i post a 2009 message from a staff leader..

    remember, this system may have changed this year. i haven't verified.
    4. the content here is 0day and the content is massive which is not to be found on many other private trackers.
    5. FTN is a non-ratio tracker. But surprisingly this site has an amount of 1Gigabit servers seeding their uploads. So fast speeds and fast pres are assured.
    6. this site is one of the best in pack collection. ranging from movies to tv and from ebooks to mp3; and all the latest uploads in the scene too; and that too ratio free!.. man this site has got it all!
    7. about the community i'd say that any veteran torrenter will recognize atleast 50% of the community. its the core l33t all in one place.
    8. the staff seems to be cool and friendly but i have heard there are some staff members who warn users for lame mistakes.. but overall very nice and helpful and the irc also seems to be very active.









    thats it from me, hope you like it!

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    Good effort reviewing a site while not being a member, but the review definitely looks like it came from someone who is not a member.

    I can't think of anyone outside of account collectors and traders that would even consider FTN the "beest tracker of all time". When evaluated objectively, FTN does not even come close.

    The speeds are no better than most, if not all, established 0day's. In fact, SCC users have reported speeds in the 1.5 gbit range, faster than your HDD can write, lol.

    The pre's are far from stellar and do not compare to consistent trackers such as SCC, DH or even TorrentVault.

    The community is pretty much what you'd expect from any 0day, though it was better in its early days. But to state that "its the core l33t all in one place" is simply false. The community consists of the same users you would expect to find on any 0day tracker of a similar age, check out A-L, TopHos, etc. I also don't quite understand why anyone would think that being able to recognize half of its userbase from other 0day/general trackers is a plus. Doesn't it make more sense that a 0day tracker be filled with people who use that tracker as their only 0day source, thus increasing overall activity? You rarely see that at FTN, despite it being ratio-free.

    On "l33tness", I've just got to say that it's pretty telling when a scene group gets pre'd for using their own dump to torrent at SCC, lol. Also, you'll find many many more veteran p2pers and sceners alike at SCC for one simple reason, it is the hands down best 0day site currently alive.

    Packs are nothing special, though FTN kinda started the whole pack thing. The scene doxed Brandon (FTN owner), which should also dispel any myths about perceived security at FTN, about 3 years ago for claiming their packs were exclusive to FTN when they were of course simply repackaged scene content. FTN used to be pretty strict with its "exclusive content", as was ScT, when scene axx was harder to come by, which of course today it isn't. p2l sites are everywhere now and extremely easy to find. An interesting note on the whole "exclusive content" thing and the stealing of torrents, ScT once lost its axx when TVLand (ftp) went down and for about 3 days there were not torrents, then one showed up and it had an SCC nfo.

    I remember when FTN was requested because it was ratio-free, which made sense, since it was unique at the time. But, that was then and today we have numerous ratio-free trackers out there. Now, the de facto "legitimate reason" for requesting FTN is for "the community" when they are already members of numerous 0day trackers with better pre's, speed and content, without actually knowing what the community is like. Simply put, people request FTN for its rarity, which is dwindling, and nothing else. Which, in the end, only hurts the tracker as those users are much less likely to use it than any random noob to torrents would.

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to knock your efforts in gathering this information, but reviews like this only fuel pointless hype and, in a small way, encourage collecting and trading.
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    i really appreciate it . i did not know any of this info so i am thankful and it did changed some of my views about ftn..
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    Im pretty sure ftn reviews are not allowed. I would make sure with a mod if you I were you poti.
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