[Old] VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review
  • VideoSeed (VS) Review

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    Default VideoSeed (VS) Review


    VideoSeed is a great tracker IMHO. At VideoSeed they really concentrate on specializing in very high quality video that is easy to find and search. They have very specific requirements for how video has to be ripped and encoded before it can be posted. The requirements are as follows:

    - All video must be H.264 encoded and use their encoding profiles
    - H.264 768kbps 640xH
    - H.264 1408kps 640xH
    - H.264 2048kpbs 1280xH
    - H.264 3520kbps 1280xH
    - A strick naming convention is enforced
    - All videos must be tagged as per their guidelines
    - ALL 1280xH Conversions must originate from a 720p source minimum
    - Plus dozens more I will not list here. Suffice to say quality is strictly controlled (see below for more info)

    The end result it that all media downloaded from VideoSeed is playable on any Apple Device and virtually every other media players because it is compatible with the formats used by iTunes.

    There are not any extra rules other than the ones standard on most private trackers.

    Ratios are very reasonable:

    0-5GB - None
    5-15GB - 0.05
    15-25GB - 0.15
    25-35GB - 0.25
    35-45GB - 0.35
    45+GB - 0.45

    Donor memberships are available for $10 per month and you get 2 invites and exemption from download rations (which you should easily be able to maintain)


    Torrent Categories & Browse Page

    VideoSeed really doesn't use categories in the conventional sense. They do have Television, Movies and Other. Their uniqueness lies in their unique searching and listing mechanisms. As you can see from the screenshot below you can search quickly by Torrents, Show/Series,Actor/Character,Requests,Forums,Log or Users.

    When individual movies or television shows are listed all of the encoded formats are listed so you will not find 10 entries for each movie but rather 1 entry with the download links for each of the formats.

    Shows Page

    VideoSeed does have a shows page which includes all the shows they have active torrent for.



    User Classes

    Video Seed does not really have user classes beyond the Moderator, Uploader and User classes. The do have a donation system to get exemption from the ratios and invites.


    As I said the best thing about VideoSeed is the awesome consistent quality of the uploads. They don't seem to be interested in having the most active torrents or a huge following. Their focus is all on the quality of the experience and the content. If you want more information take a closer look at the rules/guidelines covering uploaded.

    BTW you cannot upload to VideoSeed until you have been approved.

    I hope you enjoyed this review. I am new here and this is my first review post so go easy on me . I just wanted to make sure one of my favorite trackers was reviewed here.
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    Default Re: VideoSeed.com | VS | Movies | 2010

    Can anyone update this review and upload new pictures?
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