[RIP] TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review
  • TheInternationals (TTi) Review

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    Default TheInternationals (TTi) Review

    TTI is a pretty nice swedish general tracker with a lot of torrents(20k) and users.The irc and the forum is very active and the speeds are very good.The invite system and user classes are very original and very atractive.

    Alright,the first impresion that you have when you join the tracker is that this is an exclusive movies tracker.You are wrong TTI indexes a lot of other categories of torrents like games,software,console games,audio books,music and music videos.

    First time when I started browsing a was a bit suprised to see that The Internationals have over 800 PC games,and over 350 audio books.

    This is pretty much a simple tracker that offers a lot of good torrents and it is very likely to get your requests filled.

    The design is very clean and the site navigation is very easy because you have all the important short-cuts in the first page(Home page).
    Also I never found any bugs in the whole site,and this makes the tracker very atractive and important among the other competitive-trackers.

    A little bad thing about TTi is that the invites are available only to Pro users(Upload 300GB, ratio 1.50, member for 90 days, demoted if you drop below 1.25 in ratio) which is my oppinion a bad thing because dedicated members that doesn't have such a great internet can'd invites their friends although they have invites available in their accounts.

    Now,for the content the most downloaded torrents are the movies with over hundreds of snatches.
    For the users that doesn't such a good internet speeds TTI offers a lot of free and 2x upload torrents to help seeding.
    As for the numbers of uploads per day,TTI stays very good with over 50 new torrents/day.
    The number of seedsers and leechers is pretty good making the download very easy.
    The forum and the community is very active,and your questions have a great rate to be answered.
    The current number of posts is 253570 so...

    The rules are pretty normal,with no such big big requests like having a minimum download/month.
    Just respect the other users and staff and enjoy TTI.

    Something special about the tracker are the user classes(numerous and different from other trackers):
    User Standard rules apply for this class. Please remember to keep your ratio higher than 0.8 to avoid a warning
    Power User Upload 100GB, ratio 1.25, member for 60 days, demoted if you drop below 1.0 in ratio
    Pro User Upload 300GB, ratio 1.50, member for 90 days, demoted if you drop below 1.25 in ratio
    Elite User Upload 600GB, ratio 1.75, member for 120 days, demoted if you drop below 1.50 in ratio
    Legend User Upload 1.5TB, ratio 2.0, member for 180 days, demoted if you drop below 1.75 in ratio
    Hero Upload 10TB, ratio 2.25, member for 365 days, demoted if you drop below 2.0 in ratio
    Super Hero Upload 20TB, ratio 2.50, member for 730 days, demoted if you drop below 2.25 in ratio
    Has donated money
    VIP Selected by staff
    Uploader Granted if accepted by an application
    Moderator Can edit and delete any uploaded torrents. Can also moderate user comments and disable accounts
    Administrator Can do just about anything
    SysOp Site owner

    Also the bonus system is pretty original,allowing everyone to send seedhours or even upload bonus to friends.Moreover you can receive an additional request/offer slot,remove 5/10 from your download,custom title or 1 invite(This is for Pro Users or higher only.)

    Why join TTI?Well if you look after a general simple tracker with a lot of torrents and decent speeds The Internationals are a great place to be part of.

    About the donations,the current month progress is 45%.If you donate you'll receive a shinny donator star next to your username.

    Link: TTi :: Login


    Torrent categories:

    Browse page:



    User classes:

    Request page:


    Bonus page:

    You receive one invite each time you are promoted. You can also trade in seed hours (504) for one invite. You must be a Power User (member for at least 30 days, have uploaded at least 50GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05) to use seed hours.

    Personal ratings:
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    I liked TTi.nu, but haven´t it become a MUSIC only tracker?
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    A bit late to answer your question maybe. But just so most people know; TTi has not become a music only tracker. It's a great allround tracker (mostly for Swedish users I would think), and the one tracker that I prefer over any other tracker due to the extremely high speeds. Furthermore, it's an easy tracker to seed, not only because of the "Movie of the Week" feature where you're allowed to freely download a movie with 2x upload.

    The active community might not be the biggest, but everyone is really nice and helpful.
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    im sorry i don't get it, where do you get a TTi invite?
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    How does this invite thing work anyway?
    You will receive +1 invite whenever you gain a userclass, if you are demoted you will lose 1 invite instead. You can purchase more invites through our
    bonus system if needed. Be careful thou of whom you invite as you are directly responsible for those you invite.
    Only Pro Users and above can invite people
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    Default Re: TheInternationals | TTi.nu | General | 2010

    how do you get bonus?
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    Nice, but dont like the tracker as it don't have many quality torrent only 1001 torrents or so.

    Anyhow i like there cool way of signing up though. I think first of its kind i have seen so far. but hardest signup is for b2s honestly.

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    This review is for TTi version 1. - And it was shut down, you can read about it here : http://www.torrent-invites.com/bitto...r-i-p-tti.html

    I've only been a member of TTi version two for 18 hours, and 75 torrent have been added. That's about 100 torrents added a day, that will build up. All in all, it looks good for TTi version 2. We just need a new review here at TI, the current one is good but outdated.

    For others, here is the TI thread with signup : http://www.torrent-invites.com/open-...er-tti-v2.html

    Best Regards, KYLLAH
    Im not active right now, Ill make a comeback later.. Meanwhile have fun and take care. Best Regards KYLLAH.

    HDBits.org Request

    | FAQ | How to Give an iGiver | Ratio Proof Tutorial

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    Closing this because it's an old review. They started over. This review isn't up to date. If someone wants a new review please make a new thread.
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