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  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review
  • TorrentBytes (TB) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default TorrentBytes.net (TB) Review

    Well TorrentBytes a pretty old general tracker that have good pretimes and a lot of peers,strong community and active forum.

    Signup process is very delicate and requires a lot of time and patience.:001_tt2: Members know what I meen.
    Well,after you manage to enter this very special tracker you'll be surprised to see big number of users(almost everytime over 55000) that make this tracker very easy to seed.Is very easy to use this tracker if you know how to use a download torrent,just enter the browse page and to your thing.:)

    The design of this tracker is very exchanger because for every celebration throughout the year the staff will surely change the design.For example,when is Christmas time you'll see many snow flakes falling on the monitor and for Easter many bunnies will delight your eyes.

    Also the navigations is clean and very easy to use without making you to search for the donations page.:)

    One of the most important and special thing about this tracker is that they have permanently open doors for new users.This probaly make TBY a very populated one with over 138k of peers that help seeding over 8000 torrents.

    You don't have much time to seed because all torrents older than 42 days are deleted.But don't worry,a decent internet provider will make you a happy member especially because the big number of leechers that are present at every single each torrent.

    You can find at a single torrent over 1100 seeders and over 250 leechers.The most downloaded torrents have over 13000 snatches.The freelech torrents are also present but you don't really need them at all.Just seed and all will be fine.At important torrents you'll surely get a 1:1 ratio.
    The number of uploaded torrents/day is also great,with over 100 torrents added each day.

    The pretimes are great,and when I say great I meen it.This is probably the easiest tracker to enter with good pretimes.

    There is no best way to seed,just download any torrent and the upload will came by itself.

    The forum is prety active with over 731k posts at this time.You can find all sorts of threads about anything you want.Is funny to spend your time there.The most popolated topics are Chit Chat and Games.

    Another nice thing about TBY is the staff the everytime has a new competition for the all the members.Also,everytime the prizes are big,mostly with hundreds of upload bonus or even VIP.

    The rules are very simple,just respect the rest of the members and the staff,don't H&R,don't cheat,keep a nice language in the forum...

    The users classes:
    User The default class of new members.
    Power User Sexier than users. Have the ability to read past comments made, view extra stats on the homepage, view who has added them on their personal list and can bookmark both forum threads and torrents.
    Has donated money to TorrentBytes.
    VIP Is considered an Elite member of TorrentBytes, has Free Leech on all torrents, is immune from inactive account disablement.
    Other Customised title.
    Uploader Same as VIP except with upload rights.
    Moderator Can edit and delete any uploaded torrents. Can also moderate user comments and disable accounts.
    Staff Leader Leads staff. Same privileges as Administrator. Be afraid, be very afraid.
    Administrator Can do just about anything (except juggle).

    Donations To TorrentBytes.net

    Since you clicked on the donations link you must be thinking about donating to this site. You may also be wondering how you go about it and what exactly you get in return for your donation.

    Well, the answer to this is very simple. You receive a small picture next to your name in the forums and your profile to denote how supportive you have been to the site.

    You Do Not receive any additional Upload credits or FreeLeech to your account. You cannot buy V.I.P status, neither does donating provide you any immunity from the rules. You will, however, get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you have helped the site to stay alive for a bit longer.

    You basically donate to this site knowing you enjoy it. Everyone is on a level playing field here. Nobody can buy their way to a seed free life or a status they do not deserve. We hope this gains us some respect from the community.

    Why join Torrentbytes?Because it has a lot of well seeded torrents,a well made design and for the wonderfull competitions.

    As I said before the signup is always open but you need strong nervs to get in.Try your luck here:
    TorrentBytes :: Signup

    Home page/News:
    A lot of nice competitions and awards:

    Browse page:


    User classes:


    Curent poll:


    Donations page:

    Top 10 torrents:

    Top 10 contries:


    Overall Tbytes is a fun place to be part off with all good and bad parts.

    Personal ratings:
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    Awesome new skin.Check it out guys!
    For those that don't have an ccount there:
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    a very good tracker, for beginners and pros.
    nice packs, which are FL...nice pretimes and nice seeder/leecher ratio.

    btw. nice review!!!
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    The good point about this tracker is its speed,very high speed .
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    I also really like Torrentbytes! It could easily max out my old 100mbit college-connection, and not just on the popular torrents. Like maschine mentioned they've some nice pack-sections which are Freeleech. LOTS of packs! The packs range from music over games to movies and tv. As a TV-series enthusiast the TV-section is by far my personal favorite. With over 700 packs you're gonna have a hard time running out of entertainment any time soon. As of lately the TV- and movies-section is also getting more and more HD-packs. To top it all the great speed also covers these amazing pack-sections. With so many packs, and some of them not very popular, the amount of seeders is normally not very high but still I've never encountered serious speed-problems.

    To me Torrentbytes is a "must" in every torrent-user's life
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    +dont forget the decembers Christmas Advent Calendar, every day untill the 24th Dec you get to download FreeLeech pack made of some movie, game, aplication, christmas songs and porn, one of the best things there is :) because it boosts your ratio to the sky and you get to see some movies you would never dowloaded otherwise
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    Fast speed. Easy to seed back.
    Totally agree that it's a must for torrent lovers :P
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    trying to get an account for months :(
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    Very nice tracker, been part of this since the very beginning when it succeeded torrentbits. It has served me well over the years, providing great content and speeds. Pre-times are decent as well, and keeping a good ratio is not terribly hard. Definitely worth it if you can get in.
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    can u please update us when more accounts will be pruned ? i know they have periods when they raise user limit or something like that
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