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  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review
  • BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default BlackCats-Games (BCG) Review

    Blackcats-games is the best gaming tracker, he is the king of game contents and can be called as the mother of all gaming trackers.There you can find almost every game, you find nearly all releases, and you can even download a lot of old releases, sometimes you still even get fast speeds on those old torrents. Blackcats-games has very good speeds because of large number of members.
    He is premiere games tracker.

    Banner :

    Blackcats-games have a excellent banner.


    Great selection and many categories of games


    Some important announcements and tracker news

    RULES :

    These are rules that must be respected


    Here are all the latest torrents as of this review

    FORUM :

    The forum can be found all that is not in the rules and is good for all problems that will have on this tracker.


    These are classes in that are divided members


    Here is the login page
    Registration of this тracker is possible only by invitation.

    Users get referral codes and after it is generated it lasts only one hour.


    CONTENT 10/10
    SPEED 10/10
    RARITY 10/10
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    How would people compare this tracker to bitgamer? Any other recommended game trackers? especially for xbox360..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiemonsta View Post
    How would people compare this tracker to bitgamer? Any other recommended game trackers? especially for xbox360..
    Because their basically both really good game only trackers. Game trackers just for 360 you have:

    - BlackCatsGames
    - bitGamer
    - Xbox-Sky
    "Thanks Obama."
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    what are the requirements for BCG to receive invites ?


    Half Angel, half Demon, has fear of the Gods and is feared by the mortals The Veritas is the truth and only truth. No blade can turn him from his way, no wind is strong enough to stop him. Watching from above, he knows everything. He is NOT the greatest but the mightiest, the awesome Exalted !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas View Post
    what are the requirements for BCG to receive invites ?
    BlackCats ADMIN:
    "It is either do this, or open up, but we still may open up regardless.
    I have just gave 10 referrals each to members with the achievements off.
    Global 1 >= 25
    Actual 1 >= 15
    Actual 1.5 >= 6
    Actual 2 >= 2
    Average Seeding time 4 days
    Torrents uploaded = 0
    Member 3 Months
    Downloaded 15 gig
    So that is 187,225 referrals out there to be used.
    Now the changes.

    • You now have 6 hours to use the referral from generating it
    • I have took away the punishment where if the referee goes into KL the referer cant download for 24 hours.
    • I "think" but not sure as i couldnt really find it, I just hope its in with the rest of the code that i commented out, that the Download gigs punishment has also been removed.
    • Manual warning are still in place, more on these below.

    Amnesty until the 31st June.
    You CAN give these away anywhere you like, we want members after all.
    Trading, a part of me wants to allow it, but another part of me doesnt, so do this at your own risk, its not really an amnesty, but if you get caught you may get punished still.
    Trading Accounts, Selling Referrals/Accounts is STILL an Automatic ban,
    Inviting a cheater, may still get you in trouble from Cirno, so you still have to be relatively careful (I will have to speak to Cirno regarding this, or he can post in here with his say).
    Referee Bonus:
    Users give their referrals 20 gig
    VIPs give their referals 20 gig
    New members need to download 20 gig and have less than a 0.4 ratio to get leechwarned (or the hit and runs of course to go into KL) but hopefully, because they get such a good startup bonus, and the auto punishments are off (well 1 definately is, the other not sure) then not many, unless they download a big pack as their first torrent, will get into trouble.
    Lets see if we can get more than the usual 1000-2000 members in, in the next month or so, like i said 187,225 in the system, so plenty to go around.
    PS: If you think 10 is too much, tough, just dont use them, you will not be getting anything instead of them.
    PPS: I changed the values of stuff, so some things may not work as planned, if they dont, just post in here the problem and we will look into it.
    PPPS: You still need the BOH to actually use them, that is somewhere else in the code and I did not change that part, BOH = No hit and runs."

    copy pasted from

    <3 to all My friends here and thx to all who helped me..
    I am more awesome than ScottK .

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    Default Hey!

    Thats from My Giveaway! Lol! Just Kidding, Its from Black Cats Forums! Enjoy. But this is only temporary! The Real One is! This is what it's supposed to be, but the referals in the above post is the recent referals becuz admin wants new members and made it less strict. Pretty sure it's going to go back to this when we get new blood! Good Day!

    The new requirements are, and look at your achievement tables for this.

    Torrents with a Global Ratio of 1 >= 50
    Torrents with an Actual Ratio of 1 >= 25
    Torrents with an Actual Ratio of 1.5 >= 10
    Torrents with an Actual Ratio of 2 >= 5
    Your own uploaded torrents, this encompasses requests filled and own torrents in your table >= 2
    Average Seeding Time >= 10 days
    Member 6 months
    50 gig downloaded
    Last edited by InsanePinoyBoy; May 24th, 2010 at 06:11 AM.

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    .....Special Thanks To.....
    Veritas for repping me in, Bane for FTN, Mman17, Tzp and Badabaing for Signature & Avatar.

    .....Thanks To.....
    JustJenna, DryBones, RiverSide, Studd, Morph, ShadowBuild, GameStuff, TorrentBeast, Enigma78, Josh, Choppers, Darander, Subkar, Majid, AJ. BuckyShort, BridSkid, Sam8cb, Pegasus28, TheLetterZ, Jameo, BogBog,Trevor, Admiral, MrInternet, JamesG, Bugs Bunny & T.I
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    Now are a lot of invites(referrals) available out there.You just need to know where to search and you'll surely get in.Hundreds of new members just joined the tracker.:)
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    a very good tracker and very nice
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    i don kno y people prefer bcg for bitgamer...cos bitgamer has hell lot of games(includin old and new) and when it comes to scene release of games ,we ofcourse have gft and scc...so what is so special about this tracker??
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    Jan 2010
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    Something Bitgamer dont have, speed for old torrent and SP Credit which make you not to worry about ratio when download old torrent. Just seed and u will get 1:1

    I still remember i have to compete for 1 BCG referral, but today BCG referral being throw out everywhere lol
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