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  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review
  • What.cd (What) Review

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    Default What.cd (What) Review

    I decided to give a new and more thorough review of What.cd.
    I am a member of this tracker for some time but I always discover something new on it.
    A lot of people may think that this tracker is just for music but that's not true. They have an amazing selection of eLearning stuff & software as well.This thing make it one of the best trackers in the world.
    Here we go:


    Requests Page :

    Browse page :

    Artists Page :

    Forums :


    Ratio Requirements :

    Users clases and condition to promote:

    Something special about this tracker:It's collages:

    Similar Artist Map & Artist Info :

    They don't allow people to give away invites in forums but you can go to their irc chat room and take an interview to become a member.
    Ratings from me:
    Content:10/10 You find in this tracker everything you want and even more.
    Speed:9/10- Speed is good,many users do use seedboxes.
    Community:9/10 - Good forum with nice people.
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    Been at What since two days ago -- although I'm pretty sure I have the know-how to pass the interview I took the easier way out of things and got an invite from the PU forum at TheBox.bz.

    This was brought up several times in the older review, and I feel as if it needs to be addressed again.
    The staff at What are rather rude in just about every way I can think of. Aside from the all the IRC interview horror stories, unfair banning and false cheating claims I've heard, I myself have a story to tell.

    What often has 'staff picks', a list of albums they'll throw together in a snazzy list and bless with freeleech for a few weeks so everyone has a chance to listen to what they think people will like.
    The day I joined, freeleech had been on these torrents for a little more than half a week and I decided to capitalize on them to get a beginning boost to my ratio.

    So, I download just one album and the entire thing counted towards my download! What gives?
    I contacted staff about my concern only to get a bitter response telling me I had snatched the torrent a few hours before it became freeleech. I knew this was not true, but I figured I wouldn't try to reason any further since they gave me a week's warning for 'complaining and blatant disrespect'.

    What has twice as many torrents as Waffles; I haven't found anything at Waffles I can't search up at What, honestly. It's not much harder than people would think (I've already got a few GB up my belt), but that could be just me.
    Believe me, it's still an amazing place to be a part of, but nevertheless I feel like I shouldn't have been treated in such a rude manner.
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    Also, the tracker times out frequently on their current freeleech staff picks. Some of my stats don't get reported :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by notmyname View Post
    Also, the tracker times out frequently on their current freeleech staff picks. Some of my stats don't get reported :/
    It's a result of the overloaded server issues they've been having lately.
    More than often your upload stats never get counted due to this and the worst part is that they either don't or can't compensate you at all for it.
    Last edited by Kirby; March 10th, 2010 at 11:13 PM.
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    There are some interviewers, who interview users about music. When they interviewed me, I knew all the answers, because I read all What.CD: A Beginner's Guide page. My interviewer was a VIP user in what.cd, so he can send any amount of invites. Interviewer was nice, if you make a mistake in ordering bitrates, he may ask you to give definitions for some bitrates and order bitrates again. That means, if you know a theory, and if you fail a little, you may be lucky and answer the same question 2nd time.
    Lastly he'll asks you to give some suggestions for these interviews.

    Don't leave the chat after he sent you the invite! Sign up, login, and only then you can leave.

    When you sign up, you receive a bonus of 500 MB in upload stats. It's pretty hard to improve ratio. The best method is by seeding freeleech torrents or by uploading your own converted music files (transcoding), just remember the transcoding rules.

    In tracker you can choose any of many different stylesheets. You can even make your own stylesheet and use it.
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    What.CD has by far the best quality music and comics of any private trackers! if youre looking for any odd obscure album you can be about 90% sure you'll find it on What.CD in multiple formats (FLAC, MP3 [different bitrates too!!!], AAC, etc.)

    If you have some time to interview for it, I would strongly suggest you do it!
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    Mar 2010
    Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


    After recently deciding to take and pass the interview, I can say that after giving the place a try I'm extremely impressed by it. I've found everything that I've needed to find, bar none.

    Naturally, being a music tracker, it's difficult to seed, considering the low concentration of leechers and the constant desire to change filenames/tags to fit in your collection after you've finished downloading, thus voiding the seed. However, it's still possible to keep a respectable ratio and get what you want to get.

    I'm a big fan of the tracker and see myself using it for quite some time to come.
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    Great review, Darius! I've been on What.cd for some time now and it is, without contest, the greatest music tracker of all time. The community is really vibrant, the staff is ALWAYS friendly as hell and really helpful and download speeds are through the roof. There are also freeleeches pretty often. Last week, every torrent on the site with the perfect 4 formats was freeleech, for example. If you can get in, this is really the only music tracker you will ever need. I've never seen something on Waffles, for example, that wasn't on What with more seeders.

    The one thing that is sorely missing though is well seeded minimal tech torrents. I've heard TranceTraffic is good for that. Anyone on both and care to give a comparative review? Is it worth the effort to try and get an invite there?
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    What's a great tracker.

    However, you should be careful to follow the rules TO THE LETTER (this is an obvious exception ;P).

    If you're caught, you're punished, no explanations, no mercy.
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    I've prepared for the interview , got all my things ready ,and when i join IRC got kicked saying that there have been to many frauds From my country.OH GOD WHY,i was looking forward to this for a long time.I hate my country and all greedy , mindless people that leave in it. I have lost my chance to join this wonderful site,and it's not even my fault
    Music is the rhythm, rhythm is the power,
    Power to the people!

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