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  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review
  • SceneFZ (SFZ) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default SceneFZ (SFZ) Review

    :: AreaFile.com ::

    URL : SceneFZ - Torrent tracker. Tracking over 18.000 torrent files.

    SIGN UP URL : ---

    Also known as ex-FileZone, sceneFZ is one of the biggest romanian trackers. Based on a friendly java interface, this tracker combines everything a good tracker needs: a helpful staff, a complex forum (ro & english), lots of torrents, an excellent pretime, friendly community and lots of excellent Skins
    Referring to Internal Releases, having an account there provides lots of advantages: you will have access to lots of large internal packs (from movies xvid to pr0n packs). Furthermore, sceneFZ has it`s own DVD-Ro subbed release group, which can be found only on this tracker.

    Logo/ Header

    Home Page



    Browse Page



    User Classes and Promotion

    Bonus/ Karma Points System

    Donation System

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    Can you note the fact that it has a way to view movie directly on the site,without downloading , or is that not necessary ?I do not know other trackers that have this system btw.
    Music is the rhythm, rhythm is the power,
    Power to the people!

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    The site implemented few days ago a new watch-a-movie-online system. This system is available for all users, but with some features, meaning that some movies are available for VIP's or by using 5 credits out for a 15 days period. These movies are noted with FreeView . I've watched one of the movies last night and the loading time is quite good, if not great. The list is permanently changing, new movies being added as we speak. So go check it out.

    As you can see the list manages to cover all, or almost all categories of movies. This project is in Beta version, but by user comments and from what i've seen this one hell of an feature. Good going SFZ.
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    Feb 2010


    I love ScFZ, also now its more awesome with the "Movies" section, watch movies online on ScFZ :)
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    just got in last week when there were free sign ups ...i am impressed by the collection and seeding of the tracker so far ..lets hope my journey remains good in it :)
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    Default Re: SceneFZ.net | SFZ | General | 2010


    1. They have over 30.000 torrents and 80.000 users.

    2.FREE SIGN-UP from 30.04.2011 until 08.05.2011


    Wishing great community we have decided to reward users that promote SceneFZ.

    All those who write on their blogs about the fact that SceneFZ has FreeSignup will receive 25Gb upload. All those who post on various forums about SceneFZ will receive 5GB upload.

    What you have to mention in your post:

    FREE SIGN-UP from 30.04.2011 until 08.05.2011

    3 new categories

    1. TVEps-Ro (RoSubbed)
    2. XviD-Ro (RoSubbed)
    3. BR-Ro (BluRay-RoSubbed)

    After qualifying for the above, post HERE link to the blog / forum.


    Atention: This is an announcement it has been sent to all members of this site..
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    Nov 2010



    Statistics :
    Max Invites: 100000
    Registered Users: 87,188
    Active Users 86,292
    Disabled Users 194
    Accounts Left: 12,812
    Torrents: 62,470
    Active Torrents: 59,949
    Inactive Torrents: 2,521
    Total Size: 138,73 TB
    Peers 142,760
    Seeders 136,377
    Leechers 6,383
    Record 520,111
    Seeder/Leechers Ratio (%) 2137

    From now on , it's ratioless

    Little curious about what happens? We give a few details, but less important about what you expect:

    Ration was always the problem, not everyone can to curb above the critical level.

    Ok, we thought about it and we decided to make a major change in the local landscape.

    SceneFZ becomes the first tracker in Romania without ration. (no ratio tracker): w00t:

    What does this mean?

    - Both upload and download are removed.
    - We will restructure classes of users.
    - Everybody is free to take what torrents are, when they want, without worrying yet.
    - Accounts will no longer be influenced by the download / upload, it will not take disable this criterion.
    - Initially to be Free Signup for a period of about 2 weeks.

    Hmm, I think I already said too much. Will still leave you in suspense with the rest of surprise.

    ETA: Unknown
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    great news for all users. I love fast, ratioless tracker, but I never had F*N, so I happy i can have some F*N at scenefz. :)
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    the contents are nice but the design is so ugly and I cant change the styles for some reason
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    It was just an advertising experiment. Things are back to normal and you can select from a variety of themes in Profile.
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