[RIP] TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review
  • TvTorrentz (TvT) Review

We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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    Default TvTorrentz (TvT) Review

    TvTorrentz.org|TvTz|Television free and subscription (ratioless)|2010


    No invites but Loyal Members and above can provide access to a special signup link. They hold open signups very frequently however will close at 2000 members.

    While there is not a whole lot of leechers it is ok, this is a ratioless tracker with lots of various GB give aways such as seeding hours, lotteries, boomerang week, fortnight specials and many other fun community type games. Seeding hours are if I seed 1 "adopted" torrent for 24 hours I get roughly 24 seeding hours.They can be converted to GB at the rate of 2000=2Gb. You will not hurt for credits here it is VERY easy.

    This is a GREAT tracker for your favorite television shows, while I can't compare it to some of the larger trackers I can say that the content is very good, the speeds are descent but the sense of community is supurb. Very friendly, understanding and all around helpful. While this is an excellent first tracker for nOObs it is also very good for the seasoned pirate! Since ratioless, long term seeding is the name of the game here there are plenty of folks with slow connections and small hard drives and they are more than welcome. However, don't let that fool you, there are plenty of seedboxes as well which makes for a great combination of good speeds and easy laid back participation for everyone. In all of my time there I haven't seen even one warning much less a ban, I can't say that about any other tracker! Also of note is that anyone can upload after reaching the level probie and files are not archived they are standard formats avi, mkv etc NO mp4 allowed.

    **Make note that TvTz has recently changed their adoption system. It used to require permenant seeding of at least 2 season packs AND 2 single episodes OR 4 single episodes for a minimum of 8 hours per day everyday. Now they require a minimum of 12 hours per day everyday. IMO no big deal since 24/7 is what you should be doing anyway but many seem to dislike it.**














    Content (TV): 8
    Torrent Longevity: 8
    Speed: 6
    PT: 7
    Community: 10
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    The credit system and adoption is a good way to prevent dead torrents. Maybe this will be an elite exclusive tracker one day!
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    I like it a lot and the system is a smart way of keeping almost every torrent constantly seeded.
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    Here are some updated stats (11,780 torrents and 46,900 seeders):

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    Default Re: TvTorrentz.org | TvTz | TV | 2010

    screenshots for signup page:

    To join this tracker, I think it's better that you visit thier site frequently.
    If there're free slots available for registering, you can sign up.
    I browsed the site yestaurday and found that there're free slots for registering,
    so I registered right away.

    It's a tracker that is quite suitable for the word, dedication.
    It's not like you seed a torrent for 72 hours and that's all.

    Minimum requirement for seeding:
    4 torrents at least, including 2 season packs and 2 episodes. Or 4 season packs.
    Simply seeds 4 episodes does not meet the requirement.
    They should be seeded 12hours at least "everyday".
    If the member doesn't meet the requirement, he will be charged with 1G as adoption fee.

    When the season pack of a show(specific season) is released,
    the single episode of that show will be deleted.
    If you just adopt all episodes of the same show,
    all of your adoption will be invalid when the season pack is uploaded. (because they're all deleted.)

    So it's better you just adopt season packs.(It will need more space..)
    or try not to adopt multiple episodes from the same show.

    About "park" account:
    In this site, there's no "park" function, you cannot park your account directly.
    But you can accumulate buffer.(if you seed longer than the requirement, extra hours will be counted as buffer.)
    If you have enough buffer, you will not be charged with adoption fee while you're not seeding.

    Promote to Probie ASAP:
    To download the torrents older than 7 days, you need to be promoted
    to probie(2G UP/DOWN and 500 seeding hours) or you'll not see download links.
    Only those adopted ones are counted in seeding hours. Everyone begins with 50G credits.
    So it's not difficult at all to make it to probie in 2 days.

    Credits related:

    1. Early Download:
    If you download the torrents within 24 hours since they're uploaded on the site,
    they will be counted in "Early Download." When the amount has been accumulated to 10G, you'll
    have 5G add to your credits. But the total download are still counted. It's not like 50% deducted directly.
    If it's less than 10G, you'll not get the credit. Also, if your Early Download is above 10G,
    extra amount of traffic are counted in the next round. For example, you have 11G Early Download,
    you get 5G credits and your current Early Download is 1G (you can still see your totoal Early Download)

    2. Adoption Bonus:
    If your adoption is older than 28 days, you'll get adoption bonus.

    Current status:

    It's a small tracker with members less than 2000.
    But I do find some shows which are not available in
    BitmeTV/BTN/freshon.tv/TvTorrents.com, but available here.

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    Default Re: TvTorrentz.org | TvTz | TV | 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Deer View Post
    Here are some updated stats (11,780 torrents and 46,900 seeders):

    Site has good stats.I like it.
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    Default Re: TvTorrentz.org | TvTz | TV | 2010

    Joined this tracker a few days ago.

    Best tracker I have found so far for TV content by a mile!

    It contains a lot of UK shows too and loads of US ones that I can't get anywhere but here. It is really good to be able to watch US tv as some series are epic! Can't wait to get probie and download The Wire!
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    Default Re: TvTorrentz.org | TvTz | TV | 2010

    Recently joined, it looks really good. It has so much TV series/shows that Im not sure from where to start, also I have noticed all series that I have watched have optionaly in DVDRip or 720p, which is also great.
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    Default Re: TvTorrentz.org | TvTz | TV | 2010

    It's good, but its rules are a little tricky indeed. Everyone has to adopted a few torrents forever or else uploads would be decreased by certain amount per time.
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    Default Re: TvTorrentz.org | TvTz | TV | 2010

    there is lost of tv shows . and realy good tv tracker..
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