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A pinky-ish porn "tracker"... It is my first porn tracker and my first porn tracker review. So to be honest, i didn't knew what to expect, and frankly didn't find much after all. I am guessing it's a porn tracker just like any other porn tracker, but pinky-ish, with few torrents and lots of users... cause, c'mon, they are so many users that enjoy virtual sex, or just to watch others doing it...and i am not talking about voyeurism... anyways, the tracker lacks any style and by the looks of it it was made in such a hurry... It doesn't look great, it has way too many categories, which made me think a little and something that you find with every tracker : Arcade Games... to be honest i wasn't expect that...

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I bet that there are just other trackers with this type of content that are more "user friendly" to put it that way. This tracker it's just there to provide some porn for you, and not to be your friend...you just come in, do your job and then you get the hell out...sounds familiar? :D