[Old] Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review
  • Demonoid (DMN) Review

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    Default Demonoid | DMN | General | 2009


    Demonoid (Green Demon) is one of the oldest semi-private trackers that still exists amongst the private tracker community. It launched on the 21st of April, 2003, when private trackers were almost unheard of and had grown a huge following over the years, finally landing itself as second largest tracker back in 2008. Due to legal threats from the authorities as well as multiple server issues over the years, Demonoid's tracker had been on a short leash, going on and off over months at times. Details on issues that had plagued Demonoid can be found here. As of December 13th, 2009, the tracker is back online with promises to stay for good. Below is an updated review of Demonoid as it finally came back online.


    Since the tracker just went up, the "Newspost" is a tad bit bland. The search box is basic but once we head towards the browse page, a more comprehensive search function will be available at your disposal. Most of what you see in the home page are basically self-explanatory, save for one item - ratio indicators.

    You will notice tiny spheres of different shades and colors on the left of each user nicknames in this page - and this will be the same in most pages as well. These spheres are the ratio indicator for specific user. The fuller, brighter and greener it is, means that the user is in good standings, and duller, darker, and bloodier indicates the exact opposite.

    Torrent Filter System:

    This is the standard search function for the Demonoid tracker. Everything is categorized via a system of drop-down menus that correlate with one another.

    For example, for any given "Category" that's picked, the "Subcategory" drop-down menu automagically changes as well as the "Quality" drop-down menu. The segments of the filters that remain the same no matter what "Category"/"Subcategory"/"Quality" you pick are the rest.

    There are 33 selectable "Languages" options; "State" refers to the condition of the torrent, be it seeded, unseeded or both, and "Tracked By" determines the location of the torrent file you're searching for (i.e. just within the Demonoid tracker or an external one - hence Demonoid being a semi-private tracker)

    Torrent Categories:

    The image below shows how the three filter functions correlate with one another.

    That should be self-explanatory.

    Browse Page:

    If you noticed the image in the Torrent Filter section, the bottom part of that image coincides with the top of this Browse Page image. It just means that they are both located in the same page and the browse window will change based on your preference while mingling with the Category Filter System.


    Forums are down at the moment - update will be made when they're back online.

    Rules / FAQ / Troubleshooting:

    The guidelines shown here are pretty much self-explanatory.


    The IRC chat page is listed below followed by the webIRC Java Client.


    Data not available at the moment - update will be made when more information is received.

    Demonoid Exclusive Toolbar:

    User Classes:

    There are no known user-classes, currently, on Demonoid. Special privileged users do exist, but at the cost of making a small donation to the tracker. The details are outlined below.

    Speeds on the tracker require further observation as it has only been a day since it first rebooted its engines. Further investigation will be required before determining what the speed value would be like for Demonoid.


    Registration can easily be done via the T-I forums. Registration codes are located here. For those of you who have yet to sign-up are more than welcome to snag em.

    Community: ?/10
    Navigation: 7.5/10
    Speed: ?/10
    Content: ?/10

    Overall: ?/10

    NOTE: This is still a work-in-progress as the tracker just set-off less than a week ago. If any part of this review has been misrepresented or needs updating, I would appreciate a PM so I that I can re-update it.

    If you found my review helpful, I would appreciate some thanks and/or reps.
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    with demonid and blackcatsgames i have every thing i could ever want that i know of, they are kind enough to let people in more often then not, or atleast it seems there are always room for some one. even tho they are not a music only site they have a very good selection of flac music to chose from, tho at the same time it is the only weakness i find in the site, music or what ever it is the are the swiss army knife of trackers, they do every thing good, but not too much do they do perfectly. HIGHLY recommend this place.
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    The good old Green Demon, does anyone else think that it shouldn't have monthly open signups? Easy let in for cops if you ask me :/
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    Wow really nice and thorough review, i would say it's dead on and i have pretty good experience being there for over a year now and being the oldest private tracker i have managed to be a part of. But as already stated i also agree that they open registration just a little to much.
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    This has to be the most thorough and detailed review I've read on this site. Excellent work Pope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moo View Post
    The good old Green Demon, does anyone else think that it shouldn't have monthly open signups? Easy let in for cops if you ask me :/
    I think they should keep signup's closed. Once getting into TI, it's pretty easy getting an invite there.
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    Great post Pope, also note the Forum is now up.

    For some extra input from a long time member their site has been going down hill for years. In the past three years the site has been down for almost a year, and since their recent crash nothing has been the same. The site seems so empty, sure they still have a lot of torrents (~222,000) but most of their torrents are way underseeded.

    Demonoid is getting better with more recent torrents, but the site is definitely in need for some dedicated users. They had open registration yesterday which hopefully got them some of the users they need (without letting anybody they don't want in). If you want to help a much needed tracker Demonoid is definitely a tracker worth considering.

    Community: 6/10
    Navigation: 6/10
    Speed: 6/10
    Content: 6/10
    Overall: 6/10
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    its a nice tracker with lot of stuffs in all categories....your search will always end there.... i think this should be no 1 when it comes to general trackers due to its enormous content ....we do get good speeds for majority of the files...
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    I agree with both moo and ididit. Good speeds, some dead torrents and my biggest dislike it that fact that the torrents come with like 15 trackers registered to them. Smells like bacon to me. I only use Demon if I can't find it anywhere else. Haven't gotten very involved with the community for obvious reasons.
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    I agree it's definately not one of the best trackers, pretty unorganized and sometimes hard to find torrents
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