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  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review
  • Cheggit (CHG) Review

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    Default Cheggit.net (CHG) Review


    Cheggit (CHGT) is an adult private tracker that has been around since July 2006. And in a manner of adulthood, it's growth can be described as a baby munching on the nips to dosing on sippy cups to reaching puberty and yet evolving even still. It has a UI that is very different from most trackers in that it uses a tagging and cloud system of operation.


    On top of updating the very pervy Cheggit community on recent events, competitions are held frequently. The official theme contests are titled Freak Weeks and can literally be anything (i.e. "Huge Clits: The man in the boat is bigger than you thought", "Strange Locations: Are you there yet?", "Screamin' Bi*ches: Yes, it was THAT good" etc.). Prizes for contests appear every now and then but for the Cheggit community, there can be no better reason to partake then to bask in the pride of their...ahem...collection.

    Here's an example of the last Freak Week that was held:

    Torrent Categories:

    Cheggit's UI is very different when it comes to categories in that it relies on a complex (well, not really but takes a while getting used to) tagging and cloud system. Each torrent has no limit to the amount of tags that can be associated with it. As long as the tags are relevant, it will remain. Mods and users (pervs) take pride in properly categorizing torrents, so that if the torrent ever exists in the pages of Cheggit's archives, even if its dead, pervs can request it to be reuploaded and get a piece of a long sought after "treasure".

    A further look into the Cheggit cloud system is shown right below:

    Browse Page:

    The image is self explanatory. Under each torrent file (depicted in blue-colored font) is a list of tags (depicted in grey-colored font) that bear association to the nature of the torrent. When the torrent file is clicked, the tags that are associated to the torrent will be relocated to the left column (where you now see "Top Tags" and "Recent Searches").

    The Cheggit community is very specific when it comes to the presentation of a torrent (only meant for uploaders). Screengrabs as well as basic file information are a necessity. If a perv is uploading a full movie, a picture of the DVD/BD cover is also required. If a torrent file already exists, and duplicate is found, they will be deleted and updated within 24 hours.



    On top of the basic rules, Cheggit pervs are also required to adhere to ...uhh...gentlemanly behaviour. Below is a listing of additional rules that Cheggit pervs need to understand and follow or risk getting banned.

    AAAAND there is also a list of things Cheggit is NOT about. Below is a list of items that represents that, and if you are the kind of perv who enjoys any item on the list below, you should turn around and walk away because Cheggit is not for you.


    Cheggit Exclusives:

    Cheggit has its own file hosting service that allow screen-grabs and miscellaneous pervy-related images be hosted on.

    There is also a built in anonymizer (self explanatory).

    User Classes:

    Speeds can vary, but on average you can clock-in around 150-700KBps. Fresh and hot torrents go beyond that value, and older torrents below it. If there is no one seeding or you find that your speed is too slow, you can request other pervs to help with seeding and they are usually very accommodating. There is a ratio requirement but it's very easy to maintain and should not pose an issue.


    Currently Cheggit is at 98% capacity. Sign-ups can be done here. If you cannot register through the link, you can contact the Admin or ask around via IRC.

    Navigation: 9/10
    Speed: 7/10
    Content: 10/10

    Overall: 9.5/10

    NOTE: If any part of this review has been misrepresented or needs updating, I would appreciate a PM so I that I can re-update it.

    If you found my review helpful, I would appreciate some thanks and/or reps.
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    best porn tracker. perfect replacement for PureTNA / EMP.

    highly recommended for all the pervs ;)
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    Well done, I'v been a member since its infancy (user id <200) and its bar none my fave adult tracker.
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    Default Re: Cheggit.net | CHGT | Porn | 2009

    Your IP address is not allowed access to registration at this time. [4*.13*.1*.*, code: 1]


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