[Movies] HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review
  • HDFrench (HDF) Review

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    Default HDFrench.com | HDF | HD | 2009

    HD French

    It's a french tracker for only HD Contents.
    you can find a lot of movies, some real BluRay rips (40 Gigs), some documentaries, concerts.
    a very good tracker, you can find almost every blueray allready in stores.

    here are the categories :

    Audio HQ


    torrent of day




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    We accept that some customers BT: see forum

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    - Other: Agreement on the Staff
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    Effective Date October 17, 2008.

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    - It is forbidden to sell or exchange account or invitation

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    Nice review mate!Now if you can translate the second part of it in English.The non French speaking members of T-I will be very grateful for all the efforts you put into it!
    EDIT:Thanks mate!Job well done!And it's useful here,cause this is an English based forum,so all french members of T-I know English and this way non speaking French members of our great community will have a clear view on the content of this tracker and may want to try it out(btw I know little french and love french movies). :)Jekata out!
    Last edited by Jekata; October 5th, 2009 at 06:18 PM.
    Born from a mortal mother, but son of the God of war Ares, half human - half God, gifted with special powers, he secretly fights since the making of the Earth with the prime evils for the survival of our race. Without a doubt the most talented warrior of the known world, he singlehandedly defeated armies of hell's creatures and demons, smashing their bones to pieces with his heavy maul. Now he had been brought back to life and with his newly found strength, he's ready to face his greatest challenge ever, the fight with the immortals, I present to you, The Exalted!

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    done ;) it took a little bit of time...
    i erased the french part ... i'm not sure it's really usefull here

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    Default Re: HDFrench.com | HDF | HD | 2009

    does anyone know how to talk in HDfrench IRC?

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    Default Re: HDFrench.com | HDF | HD | 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by jisuka View Post
    does anyone know how to talk in HDfrench IRC?
    HDfrench moved to https://private.hdfrench-zone.com/

    their irc: irc://irc.hdfrench-zone.com

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    Default Re: HDFrench.com | HDF | HD | 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaly View Post
    HDfrench moved to http://<a href="https://private.hdfr...-zone.com/</a>

    their irc: irc://irc.hdfrench-zone.com
    yeah i have gone into their IRC, but i can't talk there man. ("you need voice (+v)")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarnagasse
    It also accepts FLAC music, and not only French one.
    I must apologize, I thought about HDFrench-Zone, which is not the same tracker (there is a family relation, but I don't know which one).
    Last edited by Tarnagasse; February 4th, 2012 at 09:43 AM.

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    Tracker's dead.
    The team has created HDFrench-Zone with the HiDef-Zone one.
    I will try to review the new one.

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