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  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review
  • SceneHD (ScHD) Review

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    Default SceneHD | ScHD | HD | 2009

    SceneHD aka ScHD

    there you can get scene high definition stuff only ...
    signup system is closed & invite system is working at time of review

    the pretimes are good and very BiG freeleech packs are offered! also the forums are filled with everything you need for a great hd experience!

    date of review: 28.08.2009 16:00









    if you find this useful, my pleasure!
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    Default I'm lazy so I'm pasting this from my previous post.

    This particular review seems kind of bare so I thought I'd paste my opinion of it over from the VIP section. I'm kind of lazy so you might notice some of the information is dated.


    I usually add-on to an existing review after I've been a member for about a month, but I'll type out a little somethin' somethin' for you right now.

    Okay, so I've been a member for 2 weeks and I've just unlocked the Bonus system after being promoted to HD Lover. I'll tell you about that in more detail in just a bit.

    Anyways, we'll start off with the layout. If you've read any comments I've made in other reviews, you'll notice I like clean, plain designs. SceneHD has that. It's not cramped, the background colors are easy on the eyes, icons are plain and simple, and it's nicely organized. Oh, and their banner changes all the time. I especially like it when they make some random one that will link you to a thread in the forums. Like the Texas Hold'em one, or the LOST one, or the wine tasting one. Haha, thought I'd mention something useless for you to read.

    Maybe I'll type a little bit about the content. There are many, many freeleech packs (blue text). These things will boost your ratio like you wouldn't believe. In the first week of my joining I was able to easily obtain 700 GB upload. Yes, I have a dedicated server, but even without one, you should be able to survive here without any hassle.

    After my promotion to HD Lover and unlocking the bonus system, I've started to download non-freeleech torrents (green background). These torrents are the ones that will add to your bonus points when you've started seeding them. The bonus points will continue to accumulate in its own pool until Friday when it'll eventually add into your total bonus count. Here's a screen capture of what you may purchase with said bonus points:

    I haven't paid too much attention to how the bonus points are calculated. From the looks of it, the majority of earned point is proportional to the amount of non-freeleech archives uploaded.

    SceneHD also have a Request section. I haven't requested for anything yet, but it looks fairly active. Since there's a reward/bounty system, the more points you offer the faster your request will be filled. It's very similar to any other request system out there. You don't have to be HD Lover to request as I've seen numerous 0p reward as well.

    As for the speed, the majority of the torrents are fast and well seeded. When I say well seeded, I don't mean many seeders, but how the majority of them are seedboxers. The majority of the torrents on site have atleast 1 seeder. The ones I do see with 0 seeds are XXX files/packs which is less than 75 packs total. That's pretty damn good considering there are 7558 active torrents.

    The only problem I have with SceneHD is the pretimes. It's not slow, but it's not fast either. You won't benefit much if you're looking to cross-seed files from here to other trackers.

    Although, slow pretimes might be good for some uploaders. You're free to upload scene releases; so if you're as quick as I am, you'll have an easy time beating many of the other uploaders to the punch.

    Edit: A member asked me whether you're able to upload as a starting member. Answer is no. You have to apply to be an uploader or you can wait until you've become an HD Addict. Prerequisites for promotion is 250GB uploaded, 10 weeks membership, and at least a ratio of 1.5.

    The best thing about the site is its Softbet section. If you have spare points, you could wager on certain bets. The current one is listed below:

    Chicago Blackhawks VS Philadelphia Flyers GAME 3
    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Game 3

    Blackhawks 1.13
    Flyers 8.60

    Hah check the odds on the flyers. I could make a killing if I place a bet.

    They also have other random ones as well. Like Iron Man 2. When will it be uploaded to SceneHD?

    All random stuff, but it's all in the fun.

    Community. The forum is pretty lively. I'm not too sure about the IRC channel, though. I do know there are many helpful members there so it's actually not a bad place to socialize and be active.

    I don't see any unlocked sections in the forums. If they do exist, I'm obviously not there yet. Point being, there's no open invite section that I could see.

    I am wondering is there any internal rip group in SceneHD. i knew you also in A-HD, which site is better?
    No, SceneHD is scene only. No internal encoders.

    To say whether one tracker is better than the other is fairly difficult. There are pros and cons for both AHD and SceneHD. What I can point out are the differences.

    Both trackers carries freeleeches but SceneHD has numerous packs for movies, TV series, and music videos while AHD only has freeleech for individual movies or duology/trilogy.

    AHD is a movie tracker. SceneHD is a scene tracker so you'll only find scene releases. No internal rips from anywhere else can be found here since it's obviously a no-no. Some guy tried to upload a Eureka release and was banned for a month or something. Haha, a little harsh, but hey atleast he'll get his account back. AHD have their own internal encoders so you'll find releases with higher quality bitrate and obviously larger in size.

    There's also the search feature. SceneHD has a real-time search engine which constantly continues to update the results as a new letter is inputted into the field. It's quite handy. It works similar to the search on my digital box.

    As for pretimes, you can't really base AHD on that since they unpack the files before uploading. As for speed, I feel like I'm able to download my files quicker at SceneHD. Probably because everything is scene so seedboxers already have numerous files cross-seeded from other trackers. Content-wise? They track the same movies, but AHD will have one or two more uploads per movie since they have internal encoders. This may work better for you since you have a wider selection to choose from.

    In all honesty, if you like AHD and enjoy the content you've been downloading from there and already have a decent TV tracker, I don't see any real point in joining SceneHD. I admit I only wanted to get into SceneHD because there were some hype about it a few months back and numerous people started to request and ask about the tracker. Don't get me wrong, I still like it but I wouldn't say there's much of a difference from any other scene trackers out there.

    I'll tell you this. If you have SCC - and want a comparison - SCC definitely tracks everything and then some compared to SceneHD. SCC also have way more freeleeches and a larger archive section. SCC is definitely more speedy. SCC is definitely dominant with its pretimes. Where I'm getting at is if you have a good scene tracker, SceneHD is pretty much useless to you. I know I'm somewhat contradicting myself with my two posts, but it's the truth. I like the tracker, there are many good things about it, but it's JUST ANOTHER TRACKER that I now have to maintain. All in the fun of torrenting, though. :-D
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